It’s not what you eat… or is it?

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If you thought you had a cruddy job? — think again. Simon Allison eats pet food for a living. “It’s quite bland, really,” he said.

But it reminded me of how so many Christians today merely go thru the motions — chomping on a 5-second prayer on their way to work, or hesitating to eat the hard-to-swallow pill of going to church. Isn’t there more to life than this?

“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.   Romans 14:17

You’re not “righteous” because you don’t smoke, and somebody else does. Nor does smoking a blunt, or lighting-up a bowl constitute “peace”. The life God calls us to is one of a right-standing with God thru Christ Jesus, being able to lay your head on the pillow at night because of the peace of God. And its walking in the joy of the Holy Ghost — no matter what kind of storm might be raging around you.

Simon says, that afterwards, he chews gum to prevent “dog breath”.

Don’t eat the dog food of religious duty…. you might want to grab a tic-tac too. Begin to partake of the feast that Jesus offers by living within the Kingdom of God!

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Eating out of my Hand

Many today are too busy to eat from the Shepherd’s Hand

They’re too busy working, too slow to understand

But if you’d take the time to hear His voice

You just might rejoice

Because the sound you hear

As you bow down your ear

Is the call of the Master

To dine and draw near.


Psalm 95:7

For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand.

Today, if you will hear His voice.

4 Ways to Break Temptation-Chain

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A young 27 year old Chinese man, was chained to a cow shed in Hunan, southern China, and tormented for over 7 years – since 2005, nearly lost his hands because his chains actually grew in to his flesh. He had tried to remove his chains, but they were on too tight. He tried to escape, but was unable to free himself from his chains.

It makes me think of just how many of us have tried to overcome some habit, problem, or sin, but to no avail. After a while you just learn to live with your chains — they just become a part of you.

In  the Bible it says,   “You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?”   Galatians 5:7
“Who” can also be interpreted: “What”. Sometimes we get hindered by a “who”, and sometimes by a “what.” So what can we do?  I want to share 4 ways to break these types of habits.

Or you could say it this way, “All it takes is a little sin – then it begins to take over your entire life!”   If you give your flesh an inch, he’s going to take a mile.  It’s like, if you give the devil your password to one of your social networks, he’s not just going to look through all your photos and click “like”.  He’s going to upload some detestable pictures, sick videos, and he’s going to post all kinds of crazy updates. And do you know who’s going to get blamed for it? YOU!!


When he comes knocking on your door, wanting to sell you some juicing morsels, you simply can’t invite him into your house! You have to learn to be firm, and say, “No thank you. I’m fine. I don’t want any, goodbye.”  But some of us not only allow Mr. Temptation to knock on our door, but we say in effect, “Sure, come on in, and would you like a cup of coffee too?”  We deceive ourselves, and welcome the chains to become a part of our lives, by thinking, “Well… I’m not really going to buy anything. I’ll just take a little look and see what he’s got. I’m strong, and after all I need to be informed about these things, so that others won’t fall into these types of problems.”  Look out — the chains are beginning to squeeze tighter.


“Come on Jesus, why don’t you turn these stones into bread?”  The devil’s words are smoother than butter, and inadvertently we let whisper his ‘sweet nothings’ into our ready ear.  “You’ve been such a good boy. You’ve been working so hard lately. You deserve a break.   Why don’t you go ahead and take a little bite of some of my scrumptious delicacies? After all… I think we all know that Jesus understands.

And like our Chinese friend, who’s chains were so tight they grew into his flesh — we to are sucked-in to our new tormenting habit, and just can’t seem to escape. Most Christians I know hear the voice of the devil speaking to them more than God’s. That ought not to be. You need to tell yourself right now, “I’m closing my ears to that nonsense from now on!”

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13 

And that last way you can break Temptation-Chain is…

Call me “Old Fashioned” if you want to, but the Word of God can save you a whole lot of heartache.  Proverbs 1:7  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  Just think of it. If you “bit into” the proverbial “apple” — it’s gonna COST You. Someone might say: “Ah come on, cost me what?”

….It’s going to cost you your Robe of Righteousness. In exchange? ☞ “a Spirit of Heaviness”
….It’s going to cost you your Your Clean heart. In exchange? ☞ “a Heart of Pain & Depression”
….It’s going to cost you Your Character & Integrity. In exchange? ☞  Perhaps a destroyed Marriage & Family.

“I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” Galatians 5:16.  May you embrace your walk with Christ once again, and with His power — BREAK that TEMPTATION-CHAIN off from you, once and for all, today!

“Shining with Pledge?”

What does furniture polish and living for God have in common? You just might be surprised.

“Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.” Hebrews 10:38–39 [nkjv]

The Greek word for “faith” here, is “pistis”. This isn’t merely: believing, confidence, or having been persuaded. It is those things, but it also means, a “pledge”. If you get right down to it, it is “the just”, (as the Bible calls us), who live this way – by a pledge. Do you remember growing us, going to school as children, and they would have to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag of the United States of America? Why did we have to do that? What was the point? They were actually indoctrinating us, so that when we got older we would never draw back from being Americans. The pledge, though we didn’t know it at the time, was a solemn promise we made (and lived by). A promise to do what? That we would never defect over to join forces with “the enemy”, the communist party, but that we would remain true to who we are – American citizens. Does that make sense?

The same is true in the spiritual realm. God has called us, “Children of the most High”, “Sons and daughters of God”, “citizens of Heaven”. We were “sworn-in”, (if you will), the moment we confessed Christ at our conversion. Our new nature is built to live by faith, to live by a pledge, and live by the constitution of the Kingdom. Here in Hebrews, we can conclude that when one lives by the pledge, it brings God great pleasure.

Also, think of it this way. Without using Pledge furniture polish, your house would get pretty dusty. And many of us today, are not truly living by faith – or by the pledge, and thus our spiritual lives are neglected, and the dust of sin and this world has settled upon us – without us even noticing it.

So, what do we do now? Verse 39, “But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe”, (“pistis”), same Greek word. The writer to the Hebrews, in effect says…

“Hey! Listen up everyone, we’re not going to slowly shrink away from our commitment to Christ. No. We’re going to valiantly hold up the pledge that we confessed when we first believed. In fact, our commitment to live by the pledge is going to get even stronger. We’re going to feel it – even down in our very souls!”

Faith! Let’s get back to it today.

Start Stompin’

There are far too many “stompless soldiers” in God’s army today. Instead of being believers who stomp on the enemy and get the victory, we have spiritual stragglers, who are barely even able to make it out of bed to pray. It’s time for God’s people to get their stomp back!

Start Stompin’
Instead of stomping on the land, we’re sipping the wine in our hands.
Instead of walking in the Spirit, we’re so quiet so no one can hear us.
Instead of being clean and sober, we’re carnal and hung-over.
Instead of fighting against the Devil and his minions, we’re concerned about his opinions?
Why don’t we stop all this silliness, and really get down to business?
It’s time we take His Word and preach it, until all have heard it.
Instead of using our “liberty” to sin, let’s use God’s power to really bring the lost in!

Joshua 1:2–3 2 Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel. 3 Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses. [kjv]

The word, “Tread”= literally means: to march, to trample, or to stomp upon. This isn’t being light-footed, as if you’re walking on eggshells. No, this is deliberate, on purpose, I’m-letting-you-know-that-I’m-here, kind of walking.
I’m not sure why the Church has moved away from this kind of aggressive Christianity. Oh, wait… I remember now, we don’t want to “offend” the non-believers. We drink beer, sip wine, smoke, and cuss now. Not only that, but we take pictures of it all, and post them on our social networks for all to see. But while Christians flaunt their “Christian liberties”, and while others worry about being as nice and relevant as possible towards those outside the Church – the devil himself has walked right through the front door of the Church, set up his desk and coatrack, kicked his feet up with a Cuban cigar in his mouth, and a huge grin on his face. Why? Because his job is, “oh, so much easier” now. But my Bible says…

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12

I wish there were more stomping believers, and a whole lot less of “Tippy-toe Believers” in the world today. This sloppy spirituality is sending a mixed message to new Christians and heathen alike. “Uh, I thought Christians weren’t supposed to do those kinds of things anymore?” Today, we can’t stomp. In fact, we have lost our spiritual boots. We’re walking around in stinky, smelly socks – that are soiled in the mud of sin and spiritual apathy.

But listen to what God says, “I have already given it to you, but you’ve got to stomp on the land!”

It’s time to get moving in the Spirit!
It’s time to get our strength back!
It’s time to put on our boots!
It’s time to WIN, and not to lose!

“Lord, I need to get fired-up once again. May Your holy fire get hold of me once again. Help me to take my stand to today, and to really live the gospel. Revive me now, I pray. Holy Spirit, I receive Your power to start stompin’ today! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

5 Temper-Tantrum Busters

Have you ever seen those children in Walmart that you just wish would… SHUT UP!!? Just the other day I saw a red-faced, screaming little kid sitting in a shopping cart. It seemed to get everyone’s attention. Surprise, surprise. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Here’s the thing though. I wonder if our attitudes, can be like to God at times. (Things that make you go, “hmmm”.) But it need not be.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Gen. 1:26 [kjv]

I’m seeing in a fresh new way the absolute dignity of mankind that God has bestowed upon us, humanoids. Not only are we created in His image, but also after His likeness. Some say, “No one knows what God looks like, because God is Spirit” (John 4).” But right here it says, “Let us make man… after our likeness.” We basically look like God! Does that sound blasphemous? I don’t think so. But herein lies the deeper meaning. If people would just realize the privilege of being alive, and knowing that God has clothed us with majesty, we wouldn’t get so depressed and down on ourselves so quickly.

“God spoke to Cain: “Why this tantrum? Why the sulking? If you do well, won’t you be accepted? And if you don’t do well, sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce; it’s out to get you, you’ve got to master it.” Genesis 4:6-7 [msg]

Can’t you just see the grace and mercy of God being extended – even in the midst of our immature, crybaby, temper-tantrum outbursts, that tend to leak-out every once in a while?

Real quick, here’s 5 TEMPER-TANTRUM BUSTERS:

1. Ask yourself, “Why the Tantrum?” (Don’t just accept it.)

2. Determine why you’re depressed. “Why the Sulking?” (You have to break the cycle.)

3. Do Well. (Don’t just “think” about doing better in the future – Do something now.)

4. Beware of Sin. (It’s crouching, it’s lion-like, it’s ready to devour. Better to keep your eyes open.)

5. Master Sin. (Don’t just be an “apprentice”. Be a “Master Disciple”; and for sure Master your sins, lest they master you!)

You can change! And may you, personally, experience greater victory today in your walk with the Lord Jesus!

Modern-Day Haiku

This verse is too raw in the King James….

“That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” – Ecclesiastes 3:15

To people who think the Bible is some old book full of stories have absolutely no idea of the depth of God’s Word. I’d like to hear someone who “thinks” they’re wise try to wrap their mind around this verse.