It’s not what you eat… or is it?

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If you thought you had a cruddy job? — think again. Simon Allison eats pet food for a living. “It’s quite bland, really,” he said.

But it reminded me of how so many Christians today merely go thru the motions — chomping on a 5-second prayer on their way to work, or hesitating to eat the hard-to-swallow pill of going to church. Isn’t there more to life than this?

“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.   Romans 14:17

You’re not “righteous” because you don’t smoke, and somebody else does. Nor does smoking a blunt, or lighting-up a bowl constitute “peace”. The life God calls us to is one of a right-standing with God thru Christ Jesus, being able to lay your head on the pillow at night because of the peace of God. And its walking in the joy of the Holy Ghost — no matter what kind of storm might be raging around you.

Simon says, that afterwards, he chews gum to prevent “dog breath”.

Don’t eat the dog food of religious duty…. you might want to grab a tic-tac too. Begin to partake of the feast that Jesus offers by living within the Kingdom of God!

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Speedos in the Snow

Every year in Chicago a group men get together and plunge in to the freezing waters of Lake Michigan to swim. Why? You ask? I was about to ask the same thing. You would think that wearing a swim suit would be for the Summer. Have you ever said something at the wrong time? Don’t you feel awkward? Or maybe you’re invested in the stock market at the wrong time, and you ended up loosing a lot of money. It’s so important to know which season you’re in so as to be effective in what you want to achieve.

From the gospel of Luke 21:37-38 there are some interesting things we can learn from Jesus about how to operate in our particular season.

1. In THE DAYTIME He was teaching.
The “Day Season” is a time to go out, reach out, or step out in faith in that particular venture that God is leading you in.

2. But AT NIGHT He went out and stayed on the mountain called Olivet.
The “Night Season” is a time to reach in. It’s more of a reflective time where you think, meditate, plan and pray.

3. Then EARLY IN THE MORNING all the people came to Him in the temple to hear Him.
The “Early Morning Season” always follows a fruitful “Night Season” of weeping, struggling, wrestling with God, renewed efforts in prayer, resolving to come out different, and letting all the rotten things of the world fall off from you. The “Early Morning Season” is a time of reaping that which you’re genuinely sown in the “Night Season”. It’s a fresh, new season of effectiveness and heavenly productivity. It’s also a time where the spiritually lost, cold and hungry are supernaturally drawn to your relationship with God, and where you begin to have an impact on those around you.

“THEN” is an amazing word of hope to those of us who feel we are somewhat stuck in the “Night Season”. Though weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Hallelujah – Seasons change, and you don’t have to wear Speedos in the snow!

Man Gets Blasted with Fire Using Lighter To Siphon Gas

How stupid can you get? Police said a man was arrested after he used a cigarette lighter while trying to siphon gasoline from a van. The man, who was visiting friends, went to drive home early Saturday but realized that he didn’t have enough gas in his SUV.

Police said the man tried to siphon the gas with help from another woman, but he couldn’t see how much gas was in the container, so he used the lighter to check. A blast of fire burned his hands and caused nearby residents to call police.

Police said he and the woman were located later in a store parking lot. He was arrested for theft and negligent use of burning materials.

The woman was referred to authorities for being party to theft. Formal charges haven’t been filed.

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Man Accuses Doctor of Stapling Buttocks Shut

[And you thought you had problems…] Maryland – Arguments began Monday in a federal lawsuit alleging that a Maryland doctor stapled a man’s rectum shut during an operation, rendering him unable to move his bowels for 17 days, the Baltimore Examiner reported.
Ronald Watkins, 64, of West Virginia, has accused Dr. Manuel Casiano, a doctor in Frederick County, Maryland for botching a September 2004 surgery that left him with permanent bowel problems, according to the report.

Teenager Got Deer Antlers stuck in his back

A 16-year-old teenager is recovering after falling and impaling himself on a set of deer antlers in Carter Lake, Iowa. Todd Reynolds’ grandmother said the teen was climbing through a window in her home Wednesday after locking himself out when he fell onto the antlers.

The antlers stabbed him in the back and just missed his spine.

The grandmother, Jeanne Reynolds, said the antlers were on the floor. She had saved them from a deer that her car crashed into some years ago.

Emergency room doctors removed the antlers Wednesday. The teen was out of the hospital and expected him to recover.