Mike Guglielmucci’s TV Apology

I just heard about this. It’s a 9 minute video of Mike Guglielmucci’s Apology.

I’d like to hear your thoughts of what you think of it.


Faithful Prison Thugs

I just got done watching Lockup. You know, that show where they go inside maximum security prisons. Call me strange, but those shows are just so interesting to me. There was a certain man in there who belonged to a gang. They asked him why he would commit such violent acts – even right there in prison, and he said, “I’m a good soldier”. As I sat there sitting with my “Christian Self” I thought, “how can this criminal have such faithfulness and loyalty to his gang, and yet for most “Christians”… we don’t understand these terms of allegience to God?”

And yet I get the feeling from most believers that they are yawning their way through life… “Jesus is Lord, I’m bored, and who on the Olympics scored?”

Do we have a “Burger King Christianity” where we have to have it our way, and that without our “Happy Meal” of nice ear-scratching on Sunday morning we’re going to pout and backslide from the Faith? What kind of fantasy world are we living in? Daniel of old was faithful, innocent, bold, and courageous. He turned the tide of an entire empire by the character he obtained in his prayer closet.

We could learn a lesson from Daniel and these rugged, milltant prisoners who are willing to lay their life on the line at any given time.

“Lord, help us.”

“Do you wish you could be a teen-ager again?”

Somebody recently asked me, (since I’m the Youth/Young Adults pastor here at Evangel)…. “Do you wish you could be a teen-ager all over again?” My reply was a hearty, “No way!!” I think too many young adults these days are living unsatisfied…. “If only I would have…..” and, “If I could do it all over I would have….” What’s up with that? Yeah, sure all of us have been through some tough stuff, and we didn’t always make the best decisions 100% of the time, but who has?

I loved being a teen-ager, but I love being in my 30’s a lot more. I feel like I’m in that age of the cutting-edge. And what I mean by that is that, as young adults, we’re no longer immature, playing games, but we’re not old and set in our ways either! We’re living in a time where ANYTHING is possible! We can start a business, launch a ministry, buy a house, or even get married! Nowadays, even the sky isn’t the limit! As young adults we’ve got to get off the couch and back on the cutting-edge. Whatever hurdles, obstacles, sins or offenses we have to get over – we’ve got to do it! Now is our time to rise-up and make a difference. Now is our time to get back on the cutting-edge!