Successful Daniel Fast

21 days of “non-pleasant food”, and seeking God were what the Doctor ordered for me, my leaders, and the UNITED YOUTH in Chicago. So proud of them all.



“Daniel, You’re My Brother…”

If you’re on the 21-Day Daniel Fast together with us I want to let you know that God is going move on your behalf. He sees that you are sacrificing yourself to draw closer to Him. Don’t lose heart or give up. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus! [2 Tim. 2:1].

Don’t let “Daniel” be an enemy. God is using him to get all that flesh OUT of you. He’s turning on the fire to boil-away all the impurities in our lives. Don’t turn off the oven! Don’t put out the fire! Let God do what He wants to do, because at the end of these 21-Days, [if you endure till the end…] you’re going to be a totally different person! So, the next time you’re chompin’ down on that carrot say, “Daniel… you’re not my enemy, you’re my brother!”

Fasting Together With You!!

Pastor Robb


Join us on a 21-Day “Daniel Fast”!

Starting Friday October 3 UNITED YOUTH is going on a 21-Day Fast. It’s based upon the Word of God [found in the Book of Daniel chapter 10:2-21]. The “Daniel Fast” consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and avoids “pleasant food” such as: meats, junk-food [or sweets of any kind], leavened bread, carbonated drinks, etc.

If you have MySpace you can join our group here:


1. BECAUSE IT’S BIBLICAL. [Everone mightily used of God in the Bible Fasted, including Jesus.]

2. BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE DIFFERENT. [Moses was transformed during a 40-Day Fast, Daniel saw his prayers answered & demonic forces thwarted thru a 21-Day Fast, When Jesus got done Fasting He was tremendously empowered by the Holy Spirit.]

3. BECAUSE WE WANT TO SEE A GENERATION SAVED. [Just prior to any mighty move of God in History you always see 2 things: Prayer & Fasting. We’re hungry to see a move of God in Chicago amongst the Youth.]

4. BECAUSE UNITED YOUTH MINISTY MUST GO FORWARD! [Our Youth Ministry must continue to be build by the Spirit of God, and not man’s method’s or ideas. We believe this Ministry is God’s Work and must be conducted God’s way, and therefore we yield & humble ourselves just like the great men & women did back in the Bible.]

5. BECAUSE WE WANT TO SEE EVANGEL BLESSED! [As we Fast & pray we’re believing that God is going to rain-down His power & glory upon our Chuch, our Pastors, Rev. Ray & Adrienne Berryhill, and every single Leader & Member of Evangel World Outreach Center!

If you belong to another Church – it’s OK. Just keep your Youth, Pastor, and Church in prayer during the next 21 days.


Wasted Grace

Would God allow anything He gives to go to waste? You might think, “That’s absurd. God is so wise… yada, yada, yada…”

My Daily Bible Reading: 2 Chron. 19-24

“…as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Pet. 4:10

1 Peter 4:10 speaks of God’s grace as being multifaceted, or having many aspects, sides and characteristics to it. God’s grace comes…

• …to Melt us
• …to Correct us
• …to bring us to Repentance
• …to Forgive us
• …to Restore us
• …to Strengthen us
• …to Empower us
• …to Teach us

If we’re not careful, all this grace in its different forms will get wasted. Someone might say,

“Oh no, that’s all wrong. None of God’s grace is wasted.”

Really? How about when we trample underfoot the Blood of Jesus according to Hebrews 10:29 and all God’s grace goes down the drain? How about those who end up dying in their sins when they could have accepted God’s Love, but they rejected it, died, and God’s grace got wasted? You can’t tell me God’s doesn’t weep over His Wasted Grace.

The Cleansing Sea

I just love the Sea. In the early 90’s I lived in Maui and the ocean has such a calming and cleansing effect on the human spirit. Whether you surf, swim, or just stare at it – the Sea is the place to be.

Daily Bible Reading: 2 Chron. 1-4

“He (Solomon) made a Sea–an immense round basin of cast metal fifteen feet in diameter, seven and a half feet high, and forty-five feet in circumference. Just under the rim, there were two parallel bands of something like bulls, ten to each foot and a half. The figures were cast in one piece with the Sea. The Sea was set on twelve bulls, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east. All the bulls faced outward and supported the Sea on their hindquarters. The Sea was three inches thick and flared at the rim like a cup, or a lily. It held about 18,000 gallons.” 2 Chron. 4:2-5 MSG

This “Sea” must have been a sight to see! It was so huge they actually called it a “sea”. The main purpose for this Sea was for the priests to cleanse themselves ceremoniously before they ministered. I wonder what people thought about the Sea as they saw it. I’m sure some thought, “What a Sea of Sin! All those sins are just floating there!” But I’m sure others saw it differently, “What an incredible Sea of Mercy! Wow, they just get in there and they’re cleansed and set free!” Matthew Henry says that this “Sea” was right in front of the Temple, as if it were right at the front door of the Church. It made me think how that many today see Church. Some see it as a place of hypocrites that they avoid like the Bubonic Plague. Others though see the Church as a place of mercy, a place to be cleaned and set free. But as Christians, (and especially as Pastors), we are to be those who are daily being washed in the Blood of Jesus and cleansed in the water of the Word of God.

There were also these 12 bulls that were actually built-in to this sea – three facing in each direction. I see these bulls representing the 11 disciples (and the 12th – in my opinion is the Apostle Paul), who were send out by the Lord Jesus…

Matt 28:18-20 “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. NKJV

And in the same way Jesus has commission us to bring cleansing to everyone in the whole world. And not only that, but we are to be so joined and melted together in a lifestyle of purity. When the world sees us they ought to see the beauty of holiness (Ps. 29:2). It’s not a contrived self-righteousness that is “holier than thou”, but it’s supernaturally natural because we are so connected to the life of God, which is holiness and purity of heart.

Are you really in the Sea of Mercy? Are you an authentic representative of Jesus Christ? Or is your life dirty and impure? As people see your life and think about God, Jesus, the Church, are they thinking, “Yeah right, just another hypocrite. No thanks”, or are they attracted by what you have and seem to represent? Wherever you’re at today there is a Sea of Mercy for you. The Lord wants you to jump in and be cleansed and refreshed in it. It’s open to anyone who wants to get in.

Micah 7:19 says, “And compassion is on its way to us. You’ll stamp out our wrongdoing. You’ll sink our sins to the bottom of the ocean” MSG.

Let the Lord sink your sins today. You’ll never be the same!

When we go “a whoring”

Never say, “Never”, is the adage. “Not me, Jesus, I’ll never forsake you!!” Watch out!

Judges 2:17 KJV “And yet they would not hearken unto their judges, but they went a whoring after other gods, and bowed themselves unto them: they turned quickly out of the way which their fathers walked in, obeying the commandments of the LORD; but they did not so.”

Judges 2:17 MSG “But they wouldn’t listen to their judges; they prostituted themselves to other gods–worshiped them! They lost no time leaving the road walked by their parents, the road of obedience to GOD’s commands. They refused to have anything to do with it”.

It’s this phrase, “they went a whoring after other gods” in the King James Version that really stands out to me. It has such an in-your-face connotation to it. God wanted to bless, protect, and meet every need of the children of Israel, but as they forsook the Lord to go after these other gods they actually found themselves in an unexpected predicament. Isn’t that the way sin always is? Because they wouldn’t listen to the deliverers God had raised-up…

1. They ended-up bowing down to who they prostituted themselves to.
• 2Peter 2:19 They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves of destructive habits—for we are slaves of anything that has conquered us. GNB
• I’m sure the first few times a person uses Crack Cocaine thinks it’s pretty fun, but then he finds himself “bowing down” to it. It has become his new master.

2. They took an unmarked off-ramp to leave the highway their forefathers walked-in.
• How sad when someone has once walked on the road of obeying God’s commandments and then leaves for something, (or someone) else. God’s Word is our “Road map” as we live in this world.

3. Their attitude became a reinforced snobbery of rebellion against God.
• It’s a sad day when a person has gone so far that they thumb their nose at the One who did so much for them. This type of warped thinking doesn’t just automatically happen. It starts with a glance, with a subtle temptation, with a person who’s already done it, and there’s an unexplained attraction. But in the process Satan is sliding on the hand-cuffs, and there will be no escape unless the victim cried out to the Lord from the heart. [Judges 2:18].

When we leave our 1st Love [Rev. 2:4] to go a whoring after other gods it has ghastly results. God’s desire is for us to stay in perpetual communion with Him and to walk according to His Word.

Daily Bible Reading: Judges 1-3


At what cost am I willing to see God move? Will I really see God move in my generation?

Daily Bible Reading: James 3-5, Psalm 51


“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” James 4:8 KJV

Last nite my wife and I watched the Transformations Video again. It’s amazing to see the way God is willing to invade a community. Sometimes I can look at the world with squinted eyes, thinking, “Lord, is there any hope?” But during my daily Bible reading I came across a verse that shouts, “HOPE!” to me. During the video many from different nations were saying that God is only wanting to be invited to come. Here James is saying that we need to draw near and we need to get rid of our sin. It’s really convicting me to see what needs to be dealt with in my own heart.

In the video Winkey Pratney said, “We like to talk about Jesus, but we don’t really talk to Jesus.” Is that an incitement, or what? I know I can be guilty of that sometimes. Only the heart really knows. I just desire my pursuit of God to be authentic and heart-felt. “Devotions” can turn into ritual. Bible reading can turn into a “To Do List”, but when I really draw near to God it goes beyond my “Quiet Time”, it is being aware of Jesus at all times.

“Jesus, it’s my prayer this morning that you would forgive me for times of distance. Forgive me for times when I think I’m close to You, but really I’m far away. I pray for a fresh grace to come down and water me. Fill me with a greater level of expectation of seeing You move in and thru my life today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”