The Soldier’s Poem

I wanted to share this poem I wrote. May it inspire you to roll up your sleeves, and really live the life God called you to live.


My feet are shod
With the Gospel of God
I do battle to finish my course

Before I step
I take a breath
My sword shows no remorse

My boots are tied
I will not hide
Like a squirrel amongst the trees

My targets’ in sight
I fear not the night
Enemy… have thine own disease!


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Eating out of my Hand

Many today are too busy to eat from the Shepherd’s Hand

They’re too busy working, too slow to understand

But if you’d take the time to hear His voice

You just might rejoice

Because the sound you hear

As you bow down your ear

Is the call of the Master

To dine and draw near.


Psalm 95:7

For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand.

Today, if you will hear His voice.

The Second Door

As I was reading the scriptures this morning, the Lord gave me a poem.

As you read the first part of Ezekiel 44, the Lord brings Ezekiel towards the Temple, and shows him the east gate, and says, “This gate shall be shut… and no man shall enter it…” (v. 2). I thought how that so often we perceive our reality this way in God. Discouragement sets in, and we feel like we somehow aren’t spiritual, “Yeah, I figured I wasn’t going to experience the presence of God in my prayer time. That’s why I don’t really like to pray – the heavens are brass, and the door is always shut.” But we’ve all heard the saying, “God doesn’t close one door without opening another.” If we persevere in prayer, the Lord will show us another door.

“Then brought he me the way of the north gate before the house: and I looked, and, behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord: and I fell upon my face.” [Ezekiel 44:4]

The Second Door

It’s time to pray
I hear the Lord to me say
And yet I feel so dumb
Will it be worth it if I come?

I know this gate is my fate
This door will be closed like before.
See? He says it’s shut
It’s just my luck
My doubts have locked the door

But wait.
Could it be?
I see a light
In the second gate?
O this second door is worth waiting for!
O the treasure that’s in store – for me!

Then the glory flowed
My face did glow
My Friend was found
My heart is sound
I’m as happy as can be

So don’t hesitate
From past mistakes
Or feel that prayer’s a chore

The sign you need
Is the invitation He brings
Faith unlocks the door.

RJG © 2011

The Sick Jesus [poem]

The Sick Jesus

My Jesus, why are you sick?
“You’re doing well,
But have doused thy wick.”

But Lord, why is your stomach so upset?
I mean Lord, there’s nothing I regret

Sick, Lord? Maybe it’s something you ate
The cookies at our Church are really great!

The praises, the prayers
What could be wrong?
“My son, the song in your heart
has not yet been sung…

Some think I’m demanding
Waiting with a stick
But shallowness to My love
Is what makes me sick”

Sing your song
And run in the race
Declare it the world
Right to its face!

[ by: Robb Gorringe ]

Poem of Fire!

I WANT TO FAST AND PRAY!! [robb gorringe]

When I think about the inward condition of my heart….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the condition of the American Church today…
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the plastic TMZ society that glorifies fame and sin….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Youth who are going thru so many problems….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the strategic efforts of Gangs to recruit….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about bubble-gum chewing, yawning “Christians”….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Power that’s available to bring Salvation and do miracles….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the lost who are still waiting to hear the Gospel….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Judgment Seat of Christ….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think of the torment of souls crying in Hell….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!


If The Grass Was Greener…

If The Grass Was Greener
by Robb Gorringe

If the grass was greener on the other side, the Lord would have said
For indulgence in this world only brings about death
The price that He paid has really yet to be told
But it is like a fragrance that only a lover would know

Who today could find a lily by a thorn?
Yet He makes His home in the hearts that are torn
He pours out His treasure-love on the cold, forsaken heart
Because He knows that when you taste of it you will never depart

You can find Me in the mud or you can find Me on a hill
But the deeper that you go, I go higher yet still
To pull you up out of the mire and the sin
To show you your heart and My hands that they’re in

Lord, the shackles of my past are no longer on my feet?
You mean there’s a ring for finger and a Thanksgiving feast?
I give you my life as tears of joy cascade down
I got lost in my wandering, but now I’m on solid ground