I Killed the Dove

Robb Gorringe
I Killed the Dove
Going forward is a necessity. Old paths though have something, that if we’re not careful our forward inertia will be a sliding backwards into mindless regression. Even the Bible talks about this. You might be thinking, “Yeah, didn’t Jesus say, “Remember Lot’s wife.”?” Actually yes, He did. But why? Because there is an innate danger in lusting for that which is evil – that which we used to live-in and feast on. But Jeremiah flips the script a bit when he said,

“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said we will not walk therein.” [Jer. 6:16 KJV].

Some people are so busy about making New Year’s Resolutions that they have forgotten the old paths of the ancients. They’re busy thinking about their new figure, new careers, the New Age, New Wave, and… of course, new shoes, (gotta have ’em)

One ancient, so-to-speak, in particular that I’m thinking about is someone from the 80’s Southern California Punk Rock scene. Lyrical genius, Jonithin Christ of Code of Honor said in his song, “I Killed the Dove”…

There is a hunger on this planet, reflections of past
The dreams you thought were real last night were nights of the last
The hunger’s inside of you, distorting your view
Nothin’ here but wasteland all wrapped up inside of you
I did it for Money
I did it for Love
I did it for Myself
I killed the Dove
Why can’t we see where our lives are going and change?

If you listen to the song, [found on Savage Jaw Records], singing that last line, Jonithin belts out an eery cry… Why can’t we see where our lives are going and change? During this first part of the year I have been asking myself this same exact question. Because if we really could see where our lives are going most of us would change. There would be a reason to stop doing what we’re doing, and start doing what we should be doing. But the haunting questions still lingers, What if we don’t see where our lives are going and change? We “Kill the Dove”.

The the gospels are clear, that the Dove represents the Holy Spirit. I hope I never kill the Dove. I do know that I’m sure I have clipped His wings on numerous occasions. The Dove is so innocent. The Dove represents perfect peace. And we forfeit that peace when we fail to see ahead, and when we fail to go back to the old paths of doing what is right. Most of the time we go back to old sins. The wheel of old habits ends up moving forward to crush us.

To conclude, don’t kill the dove. Don’t let that be written on your epitaph. The Dove comes to cleanse you and set you free through the power of the One He landed-on so many years ago beside the Jordan River. Open your eyes, and see the path your on. Do it for yourself. Do it for the Dove.

Underground Waters

In a day and age where fashion is more important that passion, and looks than books, there’s a call of the Spirit going out today for us to cultivate our inner-life. The Apostle Paul declared, “…though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.” [2 Cor 4:16 NKJV]. Could you say that’s true about you? Sure, we’re all getting older, but can you honestly say you’re being renewed every single day? Is your inner life growing? Most of us would be hesitant to answer. But take a quick look at an obscure passage of Scripture that is loaded with truth that will transform your inner-man.

The waters made it grow; Underground waters gave it height, With their rivers running around the place where it was planted, And sent out rivulets to all the trees of the field. [Ezek 31:4 NKJV]

The Holy Spirit and the Word of God are the key ingredients to growing the inner-man. This is basic Christianity 101, where you come to Church, hear the Word taught, and sense the presence of God.

This is that Christian who’s not merely content just to go to Church once or twice a week, but has cultivated a daily one-on-one relationship that’s growing. This Disciple has a secret, personal, and private devotional-life and has the ability to tap-in and quench his/her thirst at anytime. Where is it? It’s “underground”. No one sees you seeking God, but you are, and you’re growing as a result it!

We must bloom where we’re planted. A real river must “run”! It’s always moving, gushing, and touching the dry banks, and enabling them to be transformed. My personal “tree”, of who I am in the Spirit, must be watered – first and foremost by (not the Pastor, but by) me. “Underground waters” provide personal, spiritual nourishment in the place where I’ve been planted.

These underground waters are “running”. There’s no stagnation here. A growing believer is also one is takes their “underground relationship” with Jesus into the Church and serves the Lord. I’m amazed these days just how many Christians are simply attending Church, but are not building the Church with what God has equipped them with. Come on, and let your river run into that children’s ministry, that youth ministry, that worship team! “Let the river flow!”

Do you want to be great in the Kingdom of God? Do you truly want to do great things for God? Remember this: People can only “look up to you” as they see the height of your underground time with God.

Changed by “The Look”

Have you ever had someone give you one of those “looks”? You know what I’m talking about, because when they do you feel their eyes piercing through into your heart.

“All that pass by clap their hands at thee; they hiss and wag their head at the daughter of Jerusalem, saying, Is this the city that men call The perfection of beauty, The joy of the whole earth?” Lamentations 2:15 KJV

As the Children of Israel are being invaded by the barbaric Babylonian forces Jeremiah’s tears begin to fall. Although this mighty prophet told them this judgment of God would take place still his heart breaks over their blatant disobedience. Jeremiah isn’t one of these, “I-told-you-so kind of Christians”. His heart is genuine – it’s the very heart of God. Remember Peter after denying the Lord? You would have thought that Jesus would have given him the cold stare of death, but His eyes conveyed an understanding that crushed the heart of this rugged fisherman [Luke 22:61]. Through all his mistakes Peter still remained one of His favorite disciples. How do we know? After Jesus rose from the dead He singled Peter out as He spoke those grace-drenched words, “…and Peter” [Mark 16:7].

Have you ever been so convicted by the Lord, that you just buried your face in the palm of your hands? Have you ever been so embarrassed by your friends who caught you in the very act of rebellion against the Lord as they said, “but… I thought you were a Christian…”? If they didn’t say the words, they sure did give you “the look”. It’s the look that will either cause you to give up and go back to the world, or give up and go back to carrying your cross.

The bottom line is that God has called us His own. Are we going to make mistakes? Yes. Are we going to do stupid things that the world will point their fingers at us, and mock us because we haven’t been faithful to our Lord? Probably so. But in it all I want to see the look of grace from the Lord, and remember that there’s always mercy and forgiveness with Lord. As Peter was crushed with “the look” it was the very thing that caused him to rise up like never before and formed him into the man of God that was so mightily used of God in the early Church. We, too, can be changed and renewed if we allow the Lord to look into our hearts today.

Join us on a 21-Day “Daniel Fast”!

Starting Friday October 3 UNITED YOUTH is going on a 21-Day Fast. It’s based upon the Word of God [found in the Book of Daniel chapter 10:2-21]. The “Daniel Fast” consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and avoids “pleasant food” such as: meats, junk-food [or sweets of any kind], leavened bread, carbonated drinks, etc.

If you have MySpace you can join our group here: http://groups.myspace.com/unitedyouthfast


1. BECAUSE IT’S BIBLICAL. [Everone mightily used of God in the Bible Fasted, including Jesus.]

2. BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE DIFFERENT. [Moses was transformed during a 40-Day Fast, Daniel saw his prayers answered & demonic forces thwarted thru a 21-Day Fast, When Jesus got done Fasting He was tremendously empowered by the Holy Spirit.]

3. BECAUSE WE WANT TO SEE A GENERATION SAVED. [Just prior to any mighty move of God in History you always see 2 things: Prayer & Fasting. We’re hungry to see a move of God in Chicago amongst the Youth.]

4. BECAUSE UNITED YOUTH MINISTY MUST GO FORWARD! [Our Youth Ministry must continue to be build by the Spirit of God, and not man’s method’s or ideas. We believe this Ministry is God’s Work and must be conducted God’s way, and therefore we yield & humble ourselves just like the great men & women did back in the Bible.]

5. BECAUSE WE WANT TO SEE EVANGEL BLESSED! [As we Fast & pray we’re believing that God is going to rain-down His power & glory upon our Chuch, our Pastors, Rev. Ray & Adrienne Berryhill, and every single Leader & Member of Evangel World Outreach Center!

If you belong to another Church – it’s OK. Just keep your Youth, Pastor, and Church in prayer during the next 21 days.


Don’t Bury Your Talents!

On Wednesday nite we had our first Talent Show at United Youth! Afterwards we talked about “Don’t Bury Your Talents!” out of Matt. 25:14-30 . At the root of all of it is a mis-understanding of who God really is. In this parable the last servant said, [speaking to the Lord], “Well, I knew you to be harsh, strict and ruthless, and so THAT’s why I buried my talent.” The Lord snapped-off and called him “wicked” and threw him into outer darkness.

No matter where you’re at with your relationship with God, could it be that you’re not seeing the Lord 100% clearly? Are you going to trust your emotions and think that “God” is for old people and continue to have a “who cares” mentality? Be careful, because one day you will stand before Him to give an account of your life.

On the other hand… the first 2 servants used what gifts and talents they had received, and when it came time to stand before God, listen to what the Lord said, “You’ve been faithful over a few things, now I will make you ruler of much, enter into the joy of your Lord!” [In other words… “you lived your life with eternity in-view… now that you’re life on earth is finished you can enjoy Heaven forever!”]

Don’t bury your talents – USE THEM for GOD!!

“Lord, Push the Re-set Button!”

Don’t you just wish that life was as easy as pushing a Re-set button? Well, there is such a thing, and the answer is found in one little verse tucked-away in the New Testament, and Jesus shows us the way!

Daily Bible Reading: Matt. 5-7


“And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him.” Matthew 5:1 KJV

The phrase that sticks out to me this morning is, “WHEN HE WAS SET…” Of course this just means that Jesus SAT DOWN, but is that all that it means? When runners are running the 100 yard dash, before they take off they hear the proverbial, “On your mark, GET SET……. GO!” Here Jesus was positioned and ready for His disciples to come to Him. I’m not sure if the Father would have let the disciples come to Jesus if He wasn’t ready. Someone might say, “that’s absurd?!” But Jesus was in preparation for the Father’s will for 30 years. So, there was some waiting that Jesus had to endure, but after he had been trained, prepared and SET – then it was time to touch lives and do the will of God.
I also love the fact that it all started with a vision:

“And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain.”

Jesus was a person who really SAW people; He wasn’t just concerned with His own life. And secondly that vision took Him up! It took Him up the Mountain of Prayer. How can I be “SET” and ready to minister without seeing the needs of the people, and then sacrificing myself to really pray for them? VISION, PRAYER, POSITIONING, and then FRUIT-BEARING!

There is something so complete in this one verse. I feel I need to be RE-SET this morning, and to have a fresh vision of Love for people, and that it would propel me to the Mountain of Prayer to intercede. I feel if I can do these two things that the SET POSITION that I need will come, and thus the fruit will come. It’s that position of the heart that endures, loves, overcomes, and conquers that will inevitably bring about incredible fruit for the King of Kings! “Lord, push the Re-Set Button!”

“Lord Jesus, I pray this morning that I might have a fresh vision of Love for people, and for that Love to bring me to the Mountain of Prayer. Establish me in Your Love and Truth. Let me be positioned and set. Help me not run around like a chicken with its head cut off – accomplishing nothing. Let me sit down and listen to Your Words and receive all the strength that I need to accomplish Your holy will, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Standing Beside My Savior

So many today are standing by politicians, standing by sports heroes and rock stars, but who is willing to stand beside the Savior, Who’s name is Jesus?

Daily Bible Reading: Josh. 10-18, Ps. 22, Is. 53


And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots. Matt. 27:35 KJV

Today is Good Friday. Even now I can’t get it out of my mind that 2000 years ago my Precious Lord was hanging on a filthy Roman Cross. If it wasn’t enough for them to nail him to a cross they had to strip him naked too? What kind of shame did Jesus bear for me! Still today Jesus is being mocked and stripped, but the average person is simply walking past him with a smirk on their face. But ‘O how I want the Crucifixion of Christ to have a deeper meaning for me, personally. Isaiah is bold in standing beside the Savior when he said, “Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? And who shall declare his generation? Isaiah 53:1, 8. I want to stand up and say, “I will! I believe!”

Though Atheists and Agnostics abound, and people are chanting for an Anti-Christ society – I’m still going to stand by my Savior from Nazareth. Though many may laugh at me as I carry my Bible I’m going to stand by my Savior who wrote that Book, for He was beaten ruthlessly, and died for me. There isn’t anyone else who’s done that for me. If I could be there at the Cross in Jerusalem today I would be like Mary Magdalene and I would kiss His mighty feet. I would hold His battered Body and cry till I had no tears left. For He loved me when I was hammering the nails into His hands and feet. I will never be the same.

“Lord Jesus, today I remember what You did for me. How can words be sufficient to convey how much Your Sacrifice means to me? I want to stand beside You till the very end. I want to declare Your generation to everyone in this world! I want to glorify and honor Your Holy Name for all eternity. Grant Your servant to stand beside you in this world. Let me be found faithful to the very end. In Your Precious Name, Amen.”