Miracles at KC Lahaina

It’s been an mind-blowing beginning for Lokasi and I at King’s Chapel Lahaina. We’re seeing amazing things happen already. I’ve just got to share this story. A woman in our church couldn’t walk without being in much pain. In one of our services, as we were praying, I saw a hip socket in a vision, and it was popping. I called out this word of knowledge, and a woman came up to receive prayer. As I prayed over her— something happened; because 3 days later she shared with Lokasi that her hip had been popping, and was in much pain, but after receiving prayer, later the next day, she could walk— completely PAIN FREE! With tears in her eyes she began to praise the Lord right there!

We’ve also been in a series called, “The I AM” series — taking a fresh look at Jesus, and who He is in our life.

“You won’t really know who you are, until you discover who He is.” 

We’ve also been recording our Sunday sermons, and posting them online. Take a quick listen here. I know you’ll be strengthen.

I’m so encouraged, because people have been sharing with us that they feel a lightness in the atmosphere, and that there’s just a strong sense of grace, joy, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. I just praise God for all He’s doing!

Come visit KC Lahaina sometime!


King’s Chapel Lahaina  |  Sunday Services: 9:00am  |  286 Lahainaluna Rd. Lahaina, HI 96761 


You’ll never be the same!

Let me know if you have a similar story of healing. Comment below.


6 Youth Healed in Maui

I’ve been praying for God to do the miraculous, and have been interceding for the wonderful people on Hawaii. Just last week some incredible miracles had taken place, and I wanted give all the glory, honor, and credit to Jesus Christ for these documented & dated Healings that have taken place. // I.G. Youth Service// Jr. High Girl – Eye Healed (Who’s eye was in pain during the Service), when hands were laid on her, she said that she had no pain. // I.G. Youth Service// Keeley – Back Healed (He’s going to be a Senior in Sep.) He said that when he was a Freshman, he was on the football team and he got tackled real hard, and since then his back has always been in pain. When hands were laid on him he said he experienced a sensation of heat in his back, and the pain had completely left! [*I spoke with him on 6.15.10, and he told me his back is still feeling great!] // I.G. Youth Service// Jerick – Pain like needles in Heart Healed (Jordan’s brother). He testified that 2 years ago he started experiencing, what he called, “needles in his heart”. His parents took him to the doctor. When they X-rayed him they didn’t find anything. So, for the last 2 years, he said that he’s just learned to live with the pain. But when hands were laid on him the pain of needles in his heart – of 2 years – had completely disappeared! // I.G. Youth Service// Karl – Ankle Healed (This Skater had crashed on his skateboard). His ankle was in pain. He’s not sure if it was sprained, but he said that when we prayed & hands were laid on him that the pain was completely gone. // I.G. Youth Service// Jordan – Back pain Healed (He had severe back pain because of falling in a Breakdancing move.) After hands were laid on him he was overcome by the power of God & felt a burning in his back. I asked him to do something that he was unable to do before. He put his hands on his hips, rocked back & forth fasten than I’ve seen anyone ever do this type of body movement. Then he reached down & touched his toes, just as fast. He looked up & his eyes were big as saucers, and the youth went crazy cheering for God moving in our midst. (*I just talked to him on 6.16.10, and he said his back is STILL HEALED!) // King’s Cathedral Maui 6pm Service w/ Don Piper// Filapina woman from Lahaina – Nearsighted Vision Healed (As Dr. Marocco called for the Pastors & Ministers to come forth to pray for those who need healing), as she came up I asked her, “How can I pray for you.” She said, “My eyes, my eyes!” With all the people being prayed for, I couldn’t hear her. She repeated it, and I nodded, and she pointed at the powerpoint screen and said, “I can’t see the words up there.” I said, “Ok, let’s pray. I’m going to touch your eyes”, and I proceeded to pray. Normally I would just say, “In Jesus name, Amen, God bless you.” But since I had recently seen the Holy Spirit move so powerfully just a few days prior, my faith was stirred, and so as she opened her eyes, I said, “How are your eyes now?” As she looked up at the screen her eyes opened as wide as they could go, and she said, in almost disbelief & unexpected joy, “I can see! I can see!” And then big tear rolled down her left eye, and she said, “Oh, thank you, thank you!” And we praised God together.

“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” [Hebrews 13:8]

Successful Daniel Fast

21 days of “non-pleasant food”, and seeking God were what the Doctor ordered for me, my leaders, and the UNITED YOUTH in Chicago. So proud of them all.


Poem of Fire!

I WANT TO FAST AND PRAY!! [robb gorringe]

When I think about the inward condition of my heart….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the condition of the American Church today…
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the plastic TMZ society that glorifies fame and sin….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Youth who are going thru so many problems….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the strategic efforts of Gangs to recruit….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about bubble-gum chewing, yawning “Christians”….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Power that’s available to bring Salvation and do miracles….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the lost who are still waiting to hear the Gospel….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Judgment Seat of Christ….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think of the torment of souls crying in Hell….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!


Feeling like a “spiritual-slacker”?

If you feel like you have been a “spiritual-slacker” lately then I’ve got just the thing that will revitalize your relationship with God!!

Starting this Friday we’re going on a 21-Day “DANIEL FAST”


A “Daniel Fast” is when you abstain from “Pleasant Food” [Daniel 10:3], and eat only fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. [Just click on the link above and you’ll see a Bulletin at the bottom of the page with alot more info]. But someone once said…

“Drastic times require drastic measures.”

You don’t have to go the full 21 days. You can do a meal here and there, and perhaps the 2 week you can go a couple days. The point is to do something. “…deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus!”

You and I are living in a time where this world is literally collapsing around us, and if your heart isn’t strengthened, and if you aren’t as close to God as you think you are…. you won’t be able to make it. You say, “how absurd!?” Really? Jesus Christ, Himself – fully God, fully man went on a 40-Day Fast because He knew the severity of living in this sin-soaked world. If you & I don’t stand strong for Christ in the day-and-age that we’re living in we’re going to be swept off our feet with the ever-increasing tide of sin.

The time to stop it is now! It’s time for a change! Join our 21-Day Fast today!

Pastor Robb

I’m Not Going to Hell!!

MySpace-ing, TXTing, drooling on your pillow… it’s time to wake-up!!

I just got hit by a sledge hammer of a quote by a famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon…

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself, be sure of that.”

Could this really be true? I can just hear somebody sighing right now as they roll their eyes… “yeah, whatever.” But seriously – the Bible actually talks about preachers and evangelists who were able to work miracles, but they ended up in Hell. And if “preachers” can go to Hell, how much more the average Church-going, bubble gum chewing, teen-ager?

My heart is going through something that I honestly haven’t quite figured out yet. Sometimes I see young people falling asleep in Church, or walking-out of youth service before it ends, and I know they don’t understand the state of their own sleeping soul. Now, granted we’ve all had long nights before, but some young people today would rather stay up all nite on MySpace than ever even dare think about reading their Bible or taking time to fellowship with Jesus.

This generation of young people needs a wake-up call!

Jesus said, “…The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few.” Matt. 9:37 NLT.

I would like to give the majority of my time to a young person who had this revelation burning in his/her heart. Because I am ready to spread the fire of the Gospel into the harvest field, and if I just have a small handful of young people who will catch on-fire too, I’ll give my all for them. They can have anything and everything I have. But we must have a soul-wrenching wake-up call for souls! Are you “saved”? If so, can you prove it by the tears you’ve shed for your friends? Can you prove it by the numerous times you’ve shared the Gospel with them? Shrug your shoulders if you want to, but I’m taking up my Cross, I’m following the Master, and I believe there’s a remnant of young people who are ready for a challenge. They’re ready for a Holy Ghost slap in their face to awake from their slumber. I’m not going to Hell, and my youth aren’t going to Hell on my watch, in Jesus’ Name!


Not too many people know the “Real Jesus”. Most picture Him with the fluffy white lamb wrapped around His shoulders, speaking softly, and never getting too loud about things. But if you check out Mark 11 you’ll see a “different kind of Jesus”. This Jesus is turning-over tables and getting a little bit upset. I guess you would too if you came home from school and someone you didn’t know was in your house eating pizza, drinking beer and playing with birds. You’d throw-down! And so did He.

In Mark 11 we also see Jesus doing something that you don’t usually hear about too often in Church. Jesus talked to a tree. Yep. Just let that marinate a little bit…. Good. Then after that he spoke to us how we could speak to mountains and see them removed. Listen, this is so radical! Forget the physics, forget black magic. Listen, the heart that’s been Born Again has POWER on the inside, and yet it’s released through our voice!

Are you letting Mountains of Depression overwhelm you? What about that Mountain of Sin that you can’t seem to beat? It’s time to Speak to your Mountain! And see it removed once and for all. Below are a few of the Rhema Card entries that I learned from my training at The City Church in Seattle with Pastors Wendell & Judah Smith… say these out loud everyday and see what happens!!

“I have faith in God. Therefore I will say to my mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea.’ I will not doubt in my heart, but believe that those things I say will be done. Therefore I know I will have whatever I say.” MARK 11:22,23

“If I am going to speak to my mountains, I will speak as the oracles of God.” 1PET. 4:11

“And I will prophesy to the mountains, and say, ‘O mountains, hear the Word of the Lord!” EZEK. 36:1

Start seeing your Mountains removed today!!