Ending the Rat Race Mentality

You wouldn’t think that islanders would have a problem with being still. Most people think of us, living in Hawaii, as just hanging loose, going to the beach, sipping drinks with those little umbrellas, and working on our tans all day; but nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the things that the Lord has been speaking to me lately is that of not being anxious, being stress-free, being still and learning to wait on on the Lord. The more cognizant I am of this “Rat Race Mentality” – I see it everywhere I go. It’s not just in Chicago, New York, or L.A. – it’s everywhere. And in most people’s head! Hurry to work, hurry to finish, hurry to go home – hurry, hurry, hurry!! O to hear the Word of the Lord:

“Be still, ye inhabitants of the isle…” Isaiah 23:2

Be still”= literally means: grow dumb and motionless. You might say, “Wow, that sounds attractive, where do I sign-up?” But, “dumb” is simply an old english term for: not talking. This phrase, “Be still” is progressive, i.e. You develop in it and seek to advance in it day-by-day.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

The world may think it’s a dumb to pray, but it’s God’s secret to giving His people strength, peace, and power.

How often have you said to yourself, “Yeah, I know I need to slow down and take a break, but it’s pretty hard right now because of my job, family, and…” And the list goes on and on. I was reminded a couple days ago, while I was riding my Harley-Davidson, and having a wonderful prayer time by-the-way, as I heard the Holy Spirit say to me…

“I could put you on your back anytime I want. Guard your time and look up, so that I don’t have to make you.”

As I was up in Olinda I was reminded of the relationship between the sheep and the shepherd. When a sheep would continually go wayward, in extreme circumstances, the shepherd would take his rod and break it’s leg. It sounds cruel and impractical, but the newfound relationship that would form between the sheep and the shepherd, from being together all the time, would change the way the lamb sees his shepherd. Sometimes… “He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

If you would really like to end this Rat Race routine – The next time you’re getting ready for work, leave a half hour early, and intentionally drive the speed limit in the slow lane. Notice how the people are in such a hurry, passing cars, stressed. Who are these people? Those people are you! You’ve just ended the rat race. It’s not final, it’s something you’re growing into, and need to advance in. It’s something you need to practice each day.

How about this one: Next time you go into the grocery store, take five minutes before you do your shopping and notice how stressed people are. Take a deep breath and walk slow, and see if the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak to you, and pour-out a blessing of peace on you that you haven’t experienced in a long time. These are just a couple of practical ways that you can end the Rat Race Mentality.

“Lord, I pray you would forgive me for being so busy. I take time today to be still, and to wait on you. May You give me wisdom to know how to end the Rat Race Mentality in my life. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!”

Would You Go to Hell for Someone?

“What a grim thought?!” Hold on, hold on… I didn’t think of it.

“I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” (Romans 9:1–3, KJV)

As I read this verse this morning it actually brought tears to my eyes. ‘O such love! I’d venture to say that so one I know would be willing to go to Hell for anyone. I, myself don’t want to go to Hell – to somehow “pay the price” for someone to get to Heaven. But that isn’t the point, because Jesus, HImself, was already cursed for us, (Gal. 3:13). The apostle Paul is using extreme language to convey his great love for his people, Israel.

Check this out! In reading Acts 7 this morning, Stephen, that mighty servant, who was chosen by God to, not only serve tables, but to do miraculous signs and wonders, willingly gave himself to have rocks thrown at him for Christ. He even forgave them while it was happening, (Acts 7:54-60). You throw a rock at me, and my “Chicago” is gonna come out, and it’s not gonna be pretty! But ‘O what a heart in Paul and Stephen, to love those who simply don’t understand, and are blind to the love of God.

As I read Romans 9 this morning I thought of Kula, Upcountry, and Hawai’i, and great love began to fill my heart. But how can I have a heart like Paul, Stephen, and Jesus?

Here’s 4 quick things that might help you get that Love pumping:


If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment.

The Right Telescope

In Maui, we now have the world’s largest digital camera, (located on top of Mt. Haleakala, of course). It’s ability to capture the span of 40 moons across the canvas of outer space – is amazing indeed. But the main function of this camera is not mere “star gazing”, no, it’s used to watching out for meteors that could potentially “rock our world”. (Remember the movie, “Armageddon”?)

”Now before the Feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour had come that He should depart from this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.” [John 13:1]

On the night Jesus was to be betrayed, He took His disciples to a place called: “loving them to the end.” And when you see a person loving his dearest friends to the very end his life, what does that look like? The phrase, “…to the end has it’s origin in the greek: telos, from which we get the word, Telescope. Jesus was absolutely focused and zeroed-in on demonstrating His love for His disciples.

When you look up to the God of the universe, what do you see? What are you expecting? Many people actually think of God as One who is dropping “meteors of trials” down on them, as if He is the “Cosmic Kill-Joy” of the universe. Others are always expecting the worse thing will happen, and that “…Oh, God probably doesn’t love me, because of all the bad things I’ve done….” But, here’s the thing, when you look through telescope of God’s Word [James 1:22-25], you’ll see that what is on the horizon for your life are… the multitude of mercies and love drops from Heaven, because of the great love of a great God. And just like Jesus loved those disciples of His to very end, in the same way He will love you and I – right up to the very end. Aren’t you glad for a Saviour like this?!

Pray This Prayer
“Lord, this morning I want to thank You for Your great Love for me. I know at times I deserve a meteor of judgement, but I ask for mercy and for grace to be extended from the scepter of Your Throne. I receive Your unconditional, agape love over my life and right now, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

“Tell The World That!”

With 30 Youth, and in only 50 minutes – Over 7 souls came to Christ today at our “Tell The World That!” mini Outreach at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Mall!!

I shared a message on Evangelism today in Summer Surge, just before we left.

The 3 points were:


2. TAKE THE BATON! John 20:21-22

3. WALK WITH AUTHORITY! Matthew 28:16-20

What was funny is that (when I got to my 2nd point) one of the girls said she got hit on the head with a Baton just a couple weeks ago. And don’t you know that God’s people don’t respond well to being hit on the head to evangelize. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep”, not: “Beat my sheep”! But, (here’s the thing), if we’ll reach out & accept the baton from the strong hand of our Shepherd – as His eyes blaze with the fire of His love, we will gladly do whatsoever our King so desires of us. Why? Because the sharing of our faith will then be motivated by His Love; and we will see incredible results.

Hail in Maui?

I’m sitting in Church, and all of a sudden there is a torrential downpour of hailstones! The sound was deafening. Everyone here in Maui is dumbfounded. Global warming, Last Days, etc. It’s not a bad time to look up, (and… cover your head!).

Fresh Maui Rain

It’s been an amazing two months so far here in Maui. God is moving in an amazing way! I don’t think Jesus’ motto was, “Just Hang Loose”, because the Christ-Followers here in Maui are on the move, and hungry to see souls saved, and discipled.

This picture is of a rain cloud that came in yesterday. It so reminded me of the prophet Joel’s promise of God pouring-out a latter rain. In the Hebrew culture it was a rain that came just at the nick of time. I don’t know about you, but in times of feeling like I want to give up, or throw-in the towell, the faithfulness of God shows up and refreshes your soul to make it through.

I pray He does that for you today.

Moving to Maui!

moving to mauiMy family and I have enjoyed four incredible precious years here in the world-class city of Chicago. Most of you know that I was a Missionary/Church Planter in the Kingdom of Tonga for 6 years. During the last couple years though the Lord has been reviving us, and stirring up a love and passion in our hearts for the Polynesian people of the South Pacific once again. Although we were extremely happy in Chicago, and at Evangel World Outreach Center, and were not at all seeking change – the Lord has opened up for us a great and effectual door and is giving us the desires of our hearts. We will be ministering in the state of Hawaii, and I will be helping to lead an Internship program there where I will be raising-up young people to be pastors, worship leaders, children’s workers, and youth pastors with the objective of sending them out to the nations of the Pacific Rim and the South Pacific in starting brand new Churches.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the Lord would bring the vision that I have carried in my heart for over 20 years now into reality. My wife had to bring something back to my remembrance. It was in 1990, when I lived in Maui, Hawaii that I actually received the call to be a Pastor. I then became an Intern at Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, and 3 years later was launched into the South Pacific to plant a Church. And now it seems like the Holy Spirit is bringing me back full-circle to the place where I was called. Now I will be the one who disciples young Interns that have a call to reach the nations. The King’s Cathedral congregation is predominately made up of Pacific Islanders, and Lokasi will be able to see family, and Addison will have a greater appreciation of his culture as well. People have been saying to us… “This is just… YOU!”

We will miss each and every one of you, especially Pastors Ray & Adrienne. Pastor Ray is one of the most amazing men of God I have ever met. He has poured into me, developed me, and has modeled for me what a Pastor ought to be. I will forever be grateful for being a part of Evangel’s Church family. I will also truly miss my young people – United Youth. We have laughed together, worshipped together, and even cried together. You are always in my heart and in my prayers. My Youth Leaders are the most incredible Team of youth workers this world has yet to see. There was never ego with us, but only humility and the common vision to see young people reached for Christ.

Lokasi and I will do our best to update you on Twitter and Facebook.

With Love for You All,

Pastor Robb Gorringe