Poem of Fire!

I WANT TO FAST AND PRAY!! [robb gorringe]

When I think about the inward condition of my heart….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the condition of the American Church today…
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the plastic TMZ society that glorifies fame and sin….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Youth who are going thru so many problems….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the strategic efforts of Gangs to recruit….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about bubble-gum chewing, yawning “Christians”….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Power that’s available to bring Salvation and do miracles….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the lost who are still waiting to hear the Gospel….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think about the Judgment Seat of Christ….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!

When I think of the torment of souls crying in Hell….
…I want to Fast and Pray!!



Faithful Prison Thugs

I just got done watching Lockup. You know, that show where they go inside maximum security prisons. Call me strange, but those shows are just so interesting to me. There was a certain man in there who belonged to a gang. They asked him why he would commit such violent acts – even right there in prison, and he said, “I’m a good soldier”. As I sat there sitting with my “Christian Self” I thought, “how can this criminal have such faithfulness and loyalty to his gang, and yet for most “Christians”… we don’t understand these terms of allegience to God?”

And yet I get the feeling from most believers that they are yawning their way through life… “Jesus is Lord, I’m bored, and who on the Olympics scored?”

Do we have a “Burger King Christianity” where we have to have it our way, and that without our “Happy Meal” of nice ear-scratching on Sunday morning we’re going to pout and backslide from the Faith? What kind of fantasy world are we living in? Daniel of old was faithful, innocent, bold, and courageous. He turned the tide of an entire empire by the character he obtained in his prayer closet.

We could learn a lesson from Daniel and these rugged, milltant prisoners who are willing to lay their life on the line at any given time.

“Lord, help us.”

Unashamed Gangland


In last nite’s episode of Gangland the Lord spoke to me about something…

Daily Bible reading: Proverbs 9, Ps. 24-25

O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me. Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause. Psa 25:2-3

Last nite I watched a crazy episode of Gangland. It always amazes me just how bold and brazen these criminals have become. One of the 16 year olds who was being charged for 1st Degree Murder smiled as if it wasn’t even a big deal. He walked into a restaurant and shot a man and then ran out with 3 of his friend. Murder and “transgression without cause”, is how the Bible says it is. How can these people be so unashamed of their crimes, and yet so many of us Christians are ashamed to stand-up for our faith? These guys are willing to take a bullet or go to prison for life, for what? In the end it’s Hell. But us, Christians? We’re afraid to say “Merry Christmas!” or “God bless you”, or “I’m praying for you.” What’s wrong with this picture? I really get tired of Mamby-Pamby “Christianity”. Let these criminals be ashamed of themselves! Let the drug dealers apologize! Let those who transgress without cause re-pay 7-fold and repent of their satanic ways! If I sound a little harse – maybe it’s because David the Psalmist was a little upset too. I think it’s time for Christians to get a little backbone in them, and stop walking of egg shells in a world that’s in such desperate need of help.

Perhaps it’s a mindset that needs to be adjusted on a daily basis. David said, “let THEM be ashamed!” It’s time to stand! It’s not the time to turn into “Hell-Fire and Brimstone” believers, not to hide in our closets, but I do believe it’s time to stand up for what we believe in. Some won’t name of the Name of Jesus, because they’re afraid they don’t know enough of the Bible. Do you know that Jesus saved you? Do you know what He did for you? That’s enough. No one can discount what He did for you! Why hide it? Jesus said that we’re to proclaim it from the housetops! Don’t be ashamed! Never!

“O Lord, in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation – let me shine as a light. Let me be unashamed of the Gospel and the power of God! Let boldness ooze out of my bones because of the greatness of Your majesty and the Fire of Your Love! Let others be ashamed of themselves, but not me. Let me light a fire of deliverance in this world that will set the captives free! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”