“No one understands…”

i-have-been-youngI was just listening to a song from one of my playlists on youtube while doing my Devo’s, and as I glanced over to my Mac I saw these lyrics together with the video, and it so caught my eye:

“I have been young”

If you really think about it, so often many of our problems stem from those feelings that (sometimes) come to us— like… “no one understands what I’m going through.” (Ever been there?)

But know this: The archenemy of our our souls, Satan, uses that very feeling to alienate us from God. But the very fact that Jesus was alive on planet earth, and that now He’s seated in Heaven, ought to give you and I some sort of a glimmer of hope, knowing that we’re not alone, and that you and I have someone who does in fact understand. He wants to help, and He will help.

That Anchor holds. And may it be an anchor to your soul today too.

“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” — Jesus

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Top 10 Ways to Not Space-Out in Your Quiet-Time

Kings DevosIt was said of George Whitefield, that he woke-up every morning at 4:00am for personal prayer-time. As 10:00pm approached he would say to everyone in his home, “Come, gentleman, it’s time for all good folks to be at home.” Doesn’t that sound a little rude? Why would he say something like that? Because if he stays up too late he wouldn’t be able to wake up early to seek God, (nor would he have been a fire brand to kindle The Great Awakening). According to Deuteronomy 4:24…

God is a “jealous God”.

And if He’s jealous to have your heart, then you and I ought to be jealous about guarding that time, and not letting anyone, (or anything), steal that time with our First Love, who’s name is, Jesus.

Below are some points that I’ve developed for an effective Prayer-Time/Quiet-Time. Avoid the tendency to check e-mail, or Facebook, etc. Get a plan and watch how much your relationship with God will grow.

1. Make a “Prayer Time” CD.

2. Plan ahead & find a “Prayer Closet” where you can be alone.

3. Know in advance where you’re going to read in the Word.

4. Get a Prayer Journal and write down what the Holy Spirit is giving you.

5. Use Rhema Cards to get your prayer time started with faith.

6. Then move into a time of Thanksgiving.

7. Lift your hands in praise & adoration to the Lord.

8. Then begin to pray The Lord’s Prayer.

9. Avoid sleepiness by pacing & praying.

10. Take the last 5 minutes of your Quiet Time to thank, worship, and praise God.

Do have struggles in your Quiet-Time, or secrets that have helped you? Leave a comment below.

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