The “Leader’s Cheer”

I was shocked the other day. During our youth leaders meeting I found myself in a room full of young adults cheering like it was the Superbowl. What was it… Free pizza? Monster drinks all around? No, it was the sound of leaders cheering after someone shared a simple testimony of what God had done in their life that week. At that moment I felt such joy bubbling-out of me. We were smiling, laughing, and having the time of our life. The best part of it, was that it wasn’t initiate by me.

These youth leaders tapped-in to a biblical principle… “rejoice with those who rejoice” (Rom. 12:15). Ideally we want people to cheer for us. We love it when someone says, “You’re awesome!” But when we see other people excited about something, or getting the ‘ol “pat on the back” we tend to be jealous with envy, or… Yawn with indifference. But love is a 2-way street that must be traversed both ways. I, for one am so impressed and godly-proud by our IG Leadership Team. They’re traveling down this road well, and together we’re going to do great things!


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