Jump-out of your Helicopter

Recently I watching the movie, “The Guardian”, with Kevin Costner. He plays the role of Ben Randall, who served in the Coast Guard as a Rescue Swimmer. Jumping out of a roaring helicopter, he risks his life on many occasions – just to save a life. This brave man put his life on the line as he enter sub-freezing waters to swim to those how have been shipwrecked. There’s such a spiritual parallel here in this verse.

“A true witness delivers souls, but a deceitful witness speaks lies.” [Prov. 14:25]

The word, “delivers”, in the original language is literally: Snatches away, strips, plunders, rescues, recovers, and saves. Would Ben Randall, (played by Kevin Costner), really be a “true witness” of the U.S. Coast Guard if he didn’t jump out that helicopter, to go after that one, who was perishing? Of course not! He would be reprimanded, or kicked-out of the Coast Guard! We would say of such a one, “If you’re not going to do your job, what in the world are you even doing in the Coast Guard!?”

If you and I are called, “sons” and “daughters” of the Savior of the world, are we really being “true witnesses” of what we are called to represent? Because a “true witness” delivers, recovers, and saves souls. Could it be that one of the reasons why most Christians aren’t saving souls is because we aren’t fully walking in “truth”? Could it be that there is some deceitfulness (ouch) taking place in our lives? Could it be that we’re actually deceiving ourselves by thinking that we’re OK? I think we, as Christians, need to have some arctic cold water poured into our warm beds of Christian comfort, so that we might “awake to righteousness” (1 Cor. 15:34), and to begin jumping out of our comfortable helicopters, and begin to get busy with the business of rescuing the drowning souls around us. If we don’t, we’ll prove ourselves to be “deceitful witnesses”, just coming to Church, singing songs, while the world around us plunges to their eternal death. Are you a “deceitful witness”, or a “true witness”? No matter where you’re at today, you can change which type of “witness” you are! Maybe you’d even like to pray this – rededicating yourself to the task of rescuing souls.

“Lord, I come to you today to say, I’m sorry for not taking my job description as a “true witness” more seriously. People are drowning all around me, and I don’t seem to be as concerned as I ought to be. Yes, I’m praying for them, but (like Kevin Costner), I want to jump out of the comfortable “helicopter” of my familiarity, and begin to take the plunge into the icy water where the lost are at. Please, help me Lord, to be faithfully obedient to you – so I will prove to be Your true witness. I ask these things in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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