5 Things I’ll Miss about Evangel


1. Staff Devo’sdevos
When I came to Chicago I thought “Devo” was a band from the 80’s. Little did I know that these morning times would one of the things that brought our Staff together. Sometimes there was uncontrolled laughter, and other times – tears of truth. “9:15” will always remind me of those times. I’ll miss my Cindy and Ms. Virginia, who both made me smile and demonstated the fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis. I’ll miss Wesley’s worship and powerful insight into the Word, and Robin’s smile when I needed it most. I’ll miss Pastor Adrienne’s motherly care for us all, and Mr. Rudy’s “Energy-Drink” work-ethic, and of course I’ll miss Mr. Tony and Carmello for making Jesus real and by emulating His awesome Carpenter skills.

me-n-p.ray2. Pastor Ray
I never knew a “Pastor” could have so much fun, and still be so mightily used of God. I’ll miss his slaps on the back of my neck and all his stories like my favorite one, “Booker Brown”. I’ll miss the late nite calls just to talk about whatever was on our minds. I’ll miss him saying to me, “How yo Mama doin’?” But somehow I know he’s with this “unapologetically white” guy forever.me and pastor

me-n-evangelme-n-nellyme-n-adrienne3. Holy Spirit Moving & the Human-Chain
When the Spirit moved at Evangel no one had to announce it. Tears flowing, heart-wrenching praise altar-callascending – “When the praises go up…. the blessings come down!” And… I really did want to bust out in a crazy-praise and have a group of people form a human-chain around me so I wouldn’t hurt myself or inflict holy pain on others around me.

4. The Precious People of Evangel
Believe it or not I’ll really miss the wet kisses of George Garza. (If you’re an Evangel member… you know). I’ll miss Nelson saying, “Cool Beans” after everything I said & always making me laugh. My young people are 3-Rsforever in my heart and I’m going to miss them & all their crazy ways. I’ll really miss my Leaders. We were united, we served together, we were all changed together.me-n-leaders

5. The Celebration Choir & The Blood
I’ll miss seeing Deacon Jaime grinning from ear-to-ear in sheer joy. I ‘ll miss Leon throwing his jacket off in a sweaty shout while we’re all going crazy about to have a conniption fit right then and there. This Choir sure did get this white boy clapping… “the right way”. And I sure will miss Pastor Adrienne’s rendition of “The Blood”. Thank God I’ve got it on CD. Evangel’s music will surely be missed.

Evangel, I’ll never forget you!

Moving to Maui!

moving to mauiMy family and I have enjoyed four incredible precious years here in the world-class city of Chicago. Most of you know that I was a Missionary/Church Planter in the Kingdom of Tonga for 6 years. During the last couple years though the Lord has been reviving us, and stirring up a love and passion in our hearts for the Polynesian people of the South Pacific once again. Although we were extremely happy in Chicago, and at Evangel World Outreach Center, and were not at all seeking change – the Lord has opened up for us a great and effectual door and is giving us the desires of our hearts. We will be ministering in the state of Hawaii, and I will be helping to lead an Internship program there where I will be raising-up young people to be pastors, worship leaders, children’s workers, and youth pastors with the objective of sending them out to the nations of the Pacific Rim and the South Pacific in starting brand new Churches.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the Lord would bring the vision that I have carried in my heart for over 20 years now into reality. My wife had to bring something back to my remembrance. It was in 1990, when I lived in Maui, Hawaii that I actually received the call to be a Pastor. I then became an Intern at Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, and 3 years later was launched into the South Pacific to plant a Church. And now it seems like the Holy Spirit is bringing me back full-circle to the place where I was called. Now I will be the one who disciples young Interns that have a call to reach the nations. The King’s Cathedral congregation is predominately made up of Pacific Islanders, and Lokasi will be able to see family, and Addison will have a greater appreciation of his culture as well. People have been saying to us… “This is just… YOU!”

We will miss each and every one of you, especially Pastors Ray & Adrienne. Pastor Ray is one of the most amazing men of God I have ever met. He has poured into me, developed me, and has modeled for me what a Pastor ought to be. I will forever be grateful for being a part of Evangel’s Church family. I will also truly miss my young people – United Youth. We have laughed together, worshipped together, and even cried together. You are always in my heart and in my prayers. My Youth Leaders are the most incredible Team of youth workers this world has yet to see. There was never ego with us, but only humility and the common vision to see young people reached for Christ.

Lokasi and I will do our best to update you on Twitter and Facebook.

With Love for You All,

Pastor Robb Gorringe