Why is the “Passion-Level” so low?

JW-WPI was a little shocked to see a new application in the iTunes store for iPhone called, “My Time”. It’s an application that is specially designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. To me, it’s amazing, that while most Christians are wondering how to do just the “bare minimum” – to just (some how) slide into Heaven, here’ comes the Mormons & JW’s! These people are passionate for what they believe in. While Christians are wasting time, goofing around with downloads like iFart, the JW’s are utilizing technology to evangelize their Watchtower paraphernalia. While you’re drooling on your pillow, just remember this: The Devil never sleeps.

The late (and Great) Dr. Walter Martin used to say,

“Are you willing to do for the truth what the cults do for a lie?”

When I first heard that I thought, “God, am I supposed to be going door-to-door for You?” But the real question needs to be, “God, am I just as passionate for You as the Mormons, JW’s, and the…… Marathon Runners, the new Business Owner, the XBOX 360 Enthusiast?” If not, there really is a problem.

Why is the “Passion-Level” so low these days in most Christians?


10 thoughts on “Why is the “Passion-Level” so low?

  1. Be careful you do not bare false witness as so many other Christians have done in the name calling of “Cult.” Before you go any further understand that all Christianity was once a Cult and in the acidemic standard it remainds a cult. But what is bad about a cult, when the charismatic leader is Jesus Christ, the only begoten son of God (the Father) and the redeemer of the world? I think that cult is a good infulence on this world and am not abashed to be a Christian, wether J.W. Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, “Free will”, eclestical, mormon, or any of a number of names we christians call our little groups.

    God bless,

  2. Ditchu,

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my Blog. The true test of any religion is what Jesus said… “Who do men say that I am?” [Matt. 16:13]. The JW’s say that Jesus is Michael the Archangel. The Mormons say that Jesus is the spirit brother of lucifer. You won’t find either of those doctrines in the The Holy Bible. So, it’s actually not “bearing false witness”, it’s bearing witness of the truth.

  3. Ahhh,

    Well the docturne of Jesus and Lucifer being “Spirit brothers,” is not accuratly described in the short statment laid down here.

    Truth is: You do not find much beyond the basis of any christian religion in the Holy Bible. There are many beliefs and docturines that exist in any church that you will not find spelled out in the holy Bible, so does that make all of those churches false? Not automatically!

    The docturine of Jesus and Lucifer being brothers is brought up when we understand the “War in Heaven” and it can be said that not only are Licifer and Jesus Brothers but we each of us living on the earth are brothers ans sisters to them as well… In spirit we were born/created by our Heavenly Father, we thus are family…

    But I see this may not be the proper place to get hip deep in the intricies of a Churches philosophy especially when it does not increase our desire for the righteousness of God.

    God bless you,

  4. Ditchu,

    I hear what you’re saying. I honestly believe though, If you really want to know the truth, you will. If doctrine is being taught as “the truth”, but is not found in the Bible, (or worse – opposes the Word of God), you have nothing to stand on.

    JESUS IS NOT EQUAL TO LUCIFER. [John 1:1, 8:24]
    You’re reasoning in comparing us (living on earth) as brothers to Jesus and Lucifer being brothers has holes in it. Why? Because Lucifer was created, and Jesus is the one who created him. [John 1:2-3]

    JESUS WAS NOT BORN IN JERUSALEM. [Micah 5:2, Matt. 2:1]
    The Book of Mormon CONTRADICTS the The Holy Bible. [Alma 7:9, 10] That’s not the Holy Spirit saying it. It’s a different “spirit”. Which document is newer? The Book of Mormon. And thus, it must bow to the older manuscript.

    – Apparently Joseph Smith thought Jesus was mistaken when he said…
    QUOTE: ” I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet. . . . ” (History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 408-409).


    I believe if any Mormon will really study these things, and pray about it, they’ll sense a different kind of “burning in your bosom”. It will be the Love of God drawing them to the real Jesus, who loves them and desires all men to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  5. Hold the Phone Book buddy.
    First of all let me say that I will not appologize for my beliefs, nor my religion.

    Let me examine your rants one at a time. This go around I will stay with our current topic:

    Who said Jesus and Lucifer are equal? Not I! I do maintain that in the world of spirit (pre-mortal existance) we all were, posessing a spirit, Jesus (our King), Lucifer (who led a third of our brethers and sisters against the will of the Father), you and I who did not side with Lucifer then. We all existed before the earth was created, as spirits. All of this is supported in the Bible and by other Christian dominations than LDS. But what made you take the leap to Lucifer being equal to Jesus? As I see it Lucifer has no body and thus is not equal to Us, let alone the only begoten of the Father, the redeamer.

    Just a hint, don’t put words in other people’s mouth, and make less assumptions about the things you don’t understand. Then we can have more intelligent conversations.

    If you want to know the truth, you first have to be willing to not limmit your version of truth to a set of books that have been excessively limmited, i.e. the Bible started out as a much larger collection of manuscripts until the catholic Church decided to meet and cannonize the books… then later the prodestants had their hand in the removal of some of those manuscripts. If this Bible is the complete word of God then why did anyone have to elliminate books from its original “completion?” I contend that God has not yet ceased in speaking to man and that his word is not limmited to the Bible, but may be yet added on to. Also don’t try using revelation to state that the Bible is complete, that book is talking about its self and not a cannon that was compiled more than two hundred years later. This is reason especially when noted that it did not stop the Catholic Church from adding onto it by conjoining it to other manuscripts and the prodestants from removing some of those as well. If the line in revelation does apply to the entire Bible then all who accept it as the full word of God reep comdamnation upon our souls, and are subject to the curses with in the same book.

    So I hope that is not how you gague the truth, and in such judge truths that do not fit your selective reasoning as falsehoods. that would be unreasonable and judgemental… least I remind you my brother in Christ, treet others as you would have them treet you, and judge not least you be judged.

    God bless,

    No? Well then in what region does Bethlehem fall? I thought it was in the same region as the City Jerusalem (which city was the capital of the region). This is no contradiction, a contradiction is like saying he was not born in Bethlehem when the Bible says he was. That is a contradiction, but merely using a regional reference when the Bible used a city reference is no contradiction. Maybe this would be clearer if the Book of Mormon said he will be born in Palestine, but maybe the name could have changed from the time of the prophecy to the day he was born and that I think is why the author of Alma states: “Jerusalem which is the land of our forefathers,” See how Jerusalem is not used as a city reference but a reference of a region: the land of Jerusalem.

    By the way the Books in the Bible and the Books in the Book of Mormon are compiled from works completed throughout several hundred years and from the earliest to the latest original work they overlap for most of that time. Thus you cannot consider one Book (Bible / Book of Mormon) to be older nor more recent, unless you consider the current publishing company as the authoritative date and thus you will have to wait until one of the books falls out of publication to determine this.

    So Jesus was Born in Bethlehem, Jerusalem… and your other point of contention about date is out of context and unwarrented.

    God bless,

  7. “JOSEPH SMITH DIDN’T DO MORE THAN JESUS” Look at what is really being said. Joseph Smith said that he kept a whole church together, this he said before he died a Martyr. Well it should be obvious what Joseph Smith Jr. was saying when read in its context. Look at the last part of your quote: “the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet. . . .” What is Bro. Joe saying? All he was saying is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints have not rejected him as a Prophet nor has the Church turned its back on the Prophet. If you take more out of this than that you are assuming more than was stated or meant. Taken in context where do you get the idea that Joseph was even hinting that “Jesus was mistake?” More assumptions, I suppose. I’d warn you about assumptions; they tend to make an ass out of people.

    Now was this a bold statement? Sure, but we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel, nor do we need to apologize about the truth.

    God bless,

    If you want someone to explain a Doctrine to you, you should mention it, quote it, and try to understand it. LDS People really DO study these things but we spend more time focusing on the Gospel than random quotes taken out of context and tossed back at us from people who do not want understanding.

    I (though LDS and thus “contrary” to your perception of Christian, but Christian all the same) have come to a “knowledge of the truth.” That Truth prompted me to join the LDS Church. I can reassure you that I have a very deeply rooted and personal relationship with Jesus Christ ( “the real Jesus” you know the Son of God and all, born of the virgin Mary, savior and redeemer of the world, ect.) I know the Love of God, and the Pure love of Christ.

    Please understand I do not wish to offend you, but am trying to correct you in what you are doing when you think you are sharing that Pure love but are lobbing attacks at a people’s beliefs that you do not understand.

    Let he who is blameless before God cast the first Stone…

    God bless,

  9. I love the blog… being an ex-Mormon… I’m glad I found the truth is God’s Word and Christianity… May the Word of God prevailed no other book or religion…

  10. T.P.
    The Word of God is greater than that found in the Bible alone. He, the Almighty God still speaks to man this day, and although the Bible is considered His word, I would not limit my God. For all of the words you ever say should span a time greater than 72 hours of pure speaking time, Why limit God to such small importance? How much greater is our God than us? How much more should we look to his Word? How much do you want to know the truth of God’s Word? I would hope to be open to the full truth, the full word of God and not put a limit upon Him. His Word, and His Truth.

    God bless you in His wisdom, and may He shine upon your path as he shines upon mine,


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