Kingdom Strategies for Carnival Kids

joker-energyCotton candy and corny clowns are not what will draw this generation into the arms of the nail-pierced Saviour.

This morning this title phrase came to my mind – almost out of nowhere… Kingdom Strategies for Carnival Kids. As Youth Pastors, how in the world do you get to the heart of these kids that are so wrapped-up in video games and the like? For many Youth Pastors, we think that if we put a bunch of video games in the youth center, and then make our youth services “fun, fun, fun!” that we’ll reach the masses. Could it be that we’re perpetuating the problem? I’m not against video games as a pre-service draw, but are we failing to receive the kingdom strategy for these “carnival kids”? How are we so sure that we’re right?

Prov. 16:1, “The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.”

When I got saved as a teen-ager I saw our Church’s youth center with all it’s video games and “fun” and thought, “these kids should be getting into the Word!” Now, they actually were getting into the Word, and had Worship, etc., but my initial thought was, “Huh?” Being newly born again, what I saw, wasn’t attractive to my New Man.

I believe for every city and demographic there is a unique Kingdom Strategy that the Holy Spirit wants to give to every Youth Pastor. We just need to get on our knees, open our ears, write down with our hands, and then proclaim with our mouths what He has spoken to us. Our kids will be changed!


4 thoughts on “Kingdom Strategies for Carnival Kids

  1. Thanks for being honest, not always the most popular stance. I don’t have any particular issue or concern with video games and their accessibility in a youth ministry environment. However, I think that moderation is key – and I’m not too sure that the our kids really need or even want those things in a ministry setting. Gah….I sound OLD!

    Let’s face it, they’re seeking the shelter of God…and it needs to look different from what they’re running from. Our kids are tossed into a world that looks very different than it did even 15 years ago, maybe the calmness and gentleness is a welcomed relief.

    Let’s keep em hungry for the word, for outreach, for touching someone in need…then maybe they won’t require as much “down time” with the video games, reality TV (talking to myself here), and all the other stuff that keeps us so “busy”.

    Great work you’re doing in Chicago – love reading your blog and tweets.

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