Man Accuses Doctor of Stapling Buttocks Shut

[And you thought you had problems…] Maryland – Arguments began Monday in a federal lawsuit alleging that a Maryland doctor stapled a man’s rectum shut during an operation, rendering him unable to move his bowels for 17 days, the Baltimore Examiner reported.
Ronald Watkins, 64, of West Virginia, has accused Dr. Manuel Casiano, a doctor in Frederick County, Maryland for botching a September 2004 surgery that left him with permanent bowel problems, according to the report.

Don’t Bury Your Talents!

On Wednesday nite we had our first Talent Show at United Youth! Afterwards we talked about “Don’t Bury Your Talents!” out of Matt. 25:14-30 . At the root of all of it is a mis-understanding of who God really is. In this parable the last servant said, [speaking to the Lord], “Well, I knew you to be harsh, strict and ruthless, and so THAT’s why I buried my talent.” The Lord snapped-off and called him “wicked” and threw him into outer darkness.

No matter where you’re at with your relationship with God, could it be that you’re not seeing the Lord 100% clearly? Are you going to trust your emotions and think that “God” is for old people and continue to have a “who cares” mentality? Be careful, because one day you will stand before Him to give an account of your life.

On the other hand… the first 2 servants used what gifts and talents they had received, and when it came time to stand before God, listen to what the Lord said, “You’ve been faithful over a few things, now I will make you ruler of much, enter into the joy of your Lord!” [In other words… “you lived your life with eternity in-view… now that you’re life on earth is finished you can enjoy Heaven forever!”]

Don’t bury your talents – USE THEM for GOD!!

Teenager Got Deer Antlers stuck in his back

A 16-year-old teenager is recovering after falling and impaling himself on a set of deer antlers in Carter Lake, Iowa. Todd Reynolds’ grandmother said the teen was climbing through a window in her home Wednesday after locking himself out when he fell onto the antlers.

The antlers stabbed him in the back and just missed his spine.

The grandmother, Jeanne Reynolds, said the antlers were on the floor. She had saved them from a deer that her car crashed into some years ago.

Emergency room doctors removed the antlers Wednesday. The teen was out of the hospital and expected him to recover.


Building a Devotional Refuge

Imagine yourself on an extended vacation. I mean, this is your ideal vacation. What would your hotel, hacienda, or luxury resort look like? This is going to be your special refuge, just for you. For me I’m imagining a real simple beach bungalow, where the roof is lined with palm branches, hammock hanging between two palm trees, simple bed, lots of windows, and a desk on the side so I can read. You get the idea. You want to go there right now, don’t you? Well, in the same way we need a spiritual refuge. Interestingly enough this “spiritual refuge” is something that is very easy to build. You might be thinking, “yeah, right. I hardly even pray that much.” I believe these four simple steps will open a Pandora’s Box, if you will, to new relationship with God.

• For some this is very simple. Life is pulling them down, they feel off-centered, and they are ready to re-engage their spiritual-life. For others… they’re running on steam, and pretty soon they’re going to burn-out.

• Jesus spoke of going into your “prayer closet”.

“But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” [Matt. 6:6 NKJV].

• My personal “Refuge”, where I get alone with God, is usually in my office. There’s several things I have there: My Bible, favorite internet worship radio station or special playlist in iTunes of worship music, Journal and pen where I can write down things the Holy Spirit puts in my heart.

• This is where a lot of us miss it. We’ve got 3 or 4 Bibles, and our iPods are filled, but we somehow find it difficult to actually go to our special place to pray.
• You might say, “Yeah, sounds like a good idea, but I just don’t have time!” Could it be that you aren’t making time? We always have time for what’s important, whether it doing your nails, or watching your favorite TV show. It’s a matter of priorities. When you begin to see the amazing results of going to your Refuge you’ll want to go there more and more!

Connecting with Young People… ‘How ya doin’?

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Being in Youth Ministry is no easy task. But I have found a few little nuggets that have helped me in today’s age of technology. Here’s just a few Leadership keys for you::

1. Get all the Love you need from the Lord, Himself. Don’t look for others to “fill your tank”.

2. Keep an eye on your “Devotional Life”. Ask yourself… “How have I been doing lately in my devotional life?” If you’ve been skipping personal Prayer & daily Bible reading chances are you might not have a whole lot to give to young people. But make just a slight adjustment in this area and you’ll notice a huge difference.

3. Get Your Kids #’s programmed into your Cell phone. Edit their last names with a “your youth groups initials” at the end, so they’re easy to find. Send them a Txt when you’re watching a movie, or when you have a chance. They’ll be so excited you did.

4. Consider Upgrading to an “Unlimited TXTing plan”. They’re usually around $15. a month. This way you’re not sweating going over, and chances are you won’t use as many of your cell minutes in a given month.

5. Develop a Greater TXTING/FB/MySpace Relationship with your Youth. For me, I can usually find a half hour somewhere in the evening to connect with (and make “Eternal Deposits”), into the lives of these precious Kids. A couple of quick MySpace comments goes a long way in developing real relationships.

6. [You tell me]::