I’m Not Going to Hell!!

MySpace-ing, TXTing, drooling on your pillow… it’s time to wake-up!!

I just got hit by a sledge hammer of a quote by a famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon…

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself, be sure of that.”

Could this really be true? I can just hear somebody sighing right now as they roll their eyes… “yeah, whatever.” But seriously – the Bible actually talks about preachers and evangelists who were able to work miracles, but they ended up in Hell. And if “preachers” can go to Hell, how much more the average Church-going, bubble gum chewing, teen-ager?

My heart is going through something that I honestly haven’t quite figured out yet. Sometimes I see young people falling asleep in Church, or walking-out of youth service before it ends, and I know they don’t understand the state of their own sleeping soul. Now, granted we’ve all had long nights before, but some young people today would rather stay up all nite on MySpace than ever even dare think about reading their Bible or taking time to fellowship with Jesus.

This generation of young people needs a wake-up call!

Jesus said, “…The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few.” Matt. 9:37 NLT.

I would like to give the majority of my time to a young person who had this revelation burning in his/her heart. Because I am ready to spread the fire of the Gospel into the harvest field, and if I just have a small handful of young people who will catch on-fire too, I’ll give my all for them. They can have anything and everything I have. But we must have a soul-wrenching wake-up call for souls! Are you “saved”? If so, can you prove it by the tears you’ve shed for your friends? Can you prove it by the numerous times you’ve shared the Gospel with them? Shrug your shoulders if you want to, but I’m taking up my Cross, I’m following the Master, and I believe there’s a remnant of young people who are ready for a challenge. They’re ready for a Holy Ghost slap in their face to awake from their slumber. I’m not going to Hell, and my youth aren’t going to Hell on my watch, in Jesus’ Name!


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