Gearing-UP for Greatness!

There are specific times, ordained by God to be “received up”, to go up higher, to go to another level. Jesus, knowing this about Himself didn’t just sit around waiting for something to happen.

Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

He shifted in the next gear. It wasn’t a “slow-gear”, it was a “stead-FAST-gear”. What I mean by that is that this gear is GOING FAST, but in a steady way. See, many today can “go fast” for about a “spiritual minute”, but then quickly run out of gas. Jesus was gearing-up for something great. He was shifting up, because He was going up! He knew it.

What are you gearing-up for? Anything great? Anything? Are you believing, like Jesus, that it will come to pass for you? The time will come! So, why not think about gearing-up for something great NOW?! But you say, “will it be hard?”

“And they did not receive Him, because His face was as though He would go to Jerusalem.” Vs. 53

When you begin “gearing-UP” you can be sure that certain people will not be excited about it. But that’s alright, because you are going up higher! Many times the enemy of our souls catches a glimpse of where God is taking us and tries to stop us dead in our tracks. But the very fact that you are experiencing opposition is the proof that you are gearing-up for something great! You, like Jesus, are putting on your “game face” because you’re serious this time. You can always tell a good athlete on the court or on the field. You can see it in their face. They’re different from the rest, and they know it too. What do they know? They know they’re gearing-up for greatness!


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