Not too many people know the “Real Jesus”. Most picture Him with the fluffy white lamb wrapped around His shoulders, speaking softly, and never getting too loud about things. But if you check out Mark 11 you’ll see a “different kind of Jesus”. This Jesus is turning-over tables and getting a little bit upset. I guess you would too if you came home from school and someone you didn’t know was in your house eating pizza, drinking beer and playing with birds. You’d throw-down! And so did He.

In Mark 11 we also see Jesus doing something that you don’t usually hear about too often in Church. Jesus talked to a tree. Yep. Just let that marinate a little bit…. Good. Then after that he spoke to us how we could speak to mountains and see them removed. Listen, this is so radical! Forget the physics, forget black magic. Listen, the heart that’s been Born Again has POWER on the inside, and yet it’s released through our voice!

Are you letting Mountains of Depression overwhelm you? What about that Mountain of Sin that you can’t seem to beat? It’s time to Speak to your Mountain! And see it removed once and for all. Below are a few of the Rhema Card entries that I learned from my training at The City Church in Seattle with Pastors Wendell & Judah Smith… say these out loud everyday and see what happens!!

“I have faith in God. Therefore I will say to my mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea.’ I will not doubt in my heart, but believe that those things I say will be done. Therefore I know I will have whatever I say.” MARK 11:22,23

“If I am going to speak to my mountains, I will speak as the oracles of God.” 1PET. 4:11

“And I will prophesy to the mountains, and say, ‘O mountains, hear the Word of the Lord!” EZEK. 36:1

Start seeing your Mountains removed today!!



  1. Amen, that’s what it’s all about… “that which we have received… we pass on to others”. God bless you, Biniam, and thanks for taking the time to check out & comment on my blog.


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