“Do you wish you could be a teen-ager again?”

Somebody recently asked me, (since I’m the Youth/Young Adults pastor here at Evangel)…. “Do you wish you could be a teen-ager all over again?” My reply was a hearty, “No way!!” I think too many young adults these days are living unsatisfied…. “If only I would have…..” and, “If I could do it all over I would have….” What’s up with that? Yeah, sure all of us have been through some tough stuff, and we didn’t always make the best decisions 100% of the time, but who has?

I loved being a teen-ager, but I love being in my 30’s a lot more. I feel like I’m in that age of the cutting-edge. And what I mean by that is that, as young adults, we’re no longer immature, playing games, but we’re not old and set in our ways either! We’re living in a time where ANYTHING is possible! We can start a business, launch a ministry, buy a house, or even get married! Nowadays, even the sky isn’t the limit! As young adults we’ve got to get off the couch and back on the cutting-edge. Whatever hurdles, obstacles, sins or offenses we have to get over – we’ve got to do it! Now is our time to rise-up and make a difference. Now is our time to get back on the cutting-edge!


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