A Right-Now Message!

Our message to a dying world is to be more than a mere “History Lesson”. There must be something more for the hurting people we encounter RIGHT NOW! – where they walk and talk; and where they live and breathe. Otherwise we doing Jesus a dis-service and aren’t doing what He told us to do.

Matthew 10:7 “Tell them that the kingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons. You have been treated generously, so live generously.” MSG

I can just picture Jesus talking to the disciples – giving them a pep-talk as it were before sending them out. It’s almost like He’s saying,

“Listen guys, when you go out there, don’t give the people a mere history lesson about the Torah. Don’t just try to explain God – Give them God! Show them that God is available to them right now! Tell them it’s a whole new life. Tell them it’s a Kingdom that they live within. And if they’re a little skeptical then ask them to bring out anyone who’s sick and heal them! And if they’re still not sure then ask them to bring out somebody who just died. That’s right – you heard me right! And then raise them from the dead! Haven’t I healed you? Haven’t I raised many of you and your relatives from the dead? Did I put conditions on it? No! Then that’s the way you deal with them. Just go and preach what I’ve been telling you, and bring healing to the hurting in the same way that I’ve done for you. It’s not about earning it. You must demonstrate My grace to the people so they’ll have a true understanding of who I am.”

I think many of the times we (as Christ’s ambassadors) fail to give people a Right-Now word. We are great “explainers”, but we aren’t good “demonstrators”. It’s not that I feel compelled to be a “miracle worker” everyday, but there’s something about the Kingdom of God that is right now! I’m not talking about “Kingdom Now Theology”, I’m saying that the Gospel isn’t just about what happened (in the past), nor is it merely something that will take place in the sweet by-and-by, the Gospel is for hurting people right now! We can’t just tell people to go to the doctor and let them get a prescription for their depression. We must “kick out the demons!” and really pray for people – believing that the Holy Spirit WILL move on our behalf, and especially in the Name of Jesus! Otherwise what in the world is Jesus saying in Matthew 10:7?


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