When TBN Doesn’t Do You Any Good

My Daily Bible Reading: Deu. 27-30


Thou shalt have olive trees throughout all thy coasts, but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the oil; for thine olive shall cast his fruit. Deu. 28:40 KJV

This is one of the prophetic warnings to God’s people in the Old Testament if they would not obey the Lord. It’s like saying, “You are going to be surrounded by Christian Television, but it’s never going to do you any good. When you go to Church and hear the preaching of the Word of God, you’re going to swat it off your forehead like a pesky fly. Everything you’ve ever learned about the Bible isn’t going to do you any good, because of disobedience and familiarity.”

When I look back at times in my life when I’ve been around such anointed ministry, such resources, such wonderful people of God, and yet it didn’t sink in as deep as it should. I was around Living Water and yet I settled for dirty puddles. The oil of worship was dripping all around me, and yet it seemed to have little effect on me. I couldn’t be anointed with it. It dripped on others, but it didn’t seem to do me any good. Just reading these chapters in Deuteronomy this morning is making me want to pant after God’s Word even more. It makes me appreciate where I’m at in the Lord, and where He’s placed me. I don’t want to make the same mistakes that I’ve made in the past. God never intended for me to be in an environment of grace, love, family, anointing, and worship, but then never really let it reach my spirit.

“Lord, this morning I am remembering some things. You have been too good to me. You have come to my rescue too many times. Today I long for the drops of Your Olive Tree to fall upon me. Forgive me for ways I have treated Your Presence. Help me to never take it for granted. Let me never get so used to Your Presence, Your House, Your precious people that I go after muddy puddles and think that it’s a pool of pure water, iIn Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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