BEGIN to Possess!

Are you possessing the land that the Lord has said is yours? Perhaps you just came out of the wilderness of the world. The Lord says, “It’s time! BEGIN TO POSSESS!”

Daily Bible Reading: Deu. 1-7


And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have begun to give Sihon and his land before thee: BEGIN TO POSSESS, that thou mayest inherit his land. Deu 2:31 KJV

The Children of Israel had been through so much. Think about it – bondage, slavery, sickness, disease, hunger, thirst, death, humiliation and confusion – just to name a few. But now the Lord is saying, “It’s time! Begin to possess!” It is interesting that the name “Sihon”, is literally translated, “tempestuous” or “stormy trials”. The first area the Lord wants us to overcome and possess is difficult and stormy times. Sometimes we have to endure “stormy people” and “stormy attitudes”. Actually He commands us to possess them! In other words we must not allow them to overwhelm us, but we must endure, and not only that, but He wants us to come out of it smelling like a rose and demonstrating the sweet character qualities of Jesus Christ and the fruit of the Spirit.

Many times we get discouraged, thinking, “well, I’m just not there yet.” But all God is saying is, “BEGIN TO POSSESS.” Before you get into the storm know ahead of time that you are going to possess it. You are going to trust in the Lord, and that you are not going to battle with the carnal weapons of complaining, arguing, backsliding, or giving “stormy people” the silent treatment. Possess it with Jesus! Pass the test! Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you in those stormy times.

“Father I come to You this morning desiring to BEGIN TO POSSESS! I understand that it all starts in my decision to possess the tempest of the storm, and to maintain the fruit of the Spirit without falling prey to Satan’s slimy ways of manipulating You or others around me. I lean upon on this day for the Victory! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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