Nah, I didn’t Trip


Have you ever tripped and then played it off like you meant to do it? It’s embarrassing…

Daily Bible reading: Num. 18-21


“And Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they fell upon their faces: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto them.” Num. 20:6

Have you ever tripped and then played it off like you meant to do it? It’s embarrassing. Your friends laugh their heads off as they point at you while covering their mouths in joyful glee. In the Book of Numbers, it already appears four times, where it says of both Moses and Aaron that they, “fell on their faces.” But it wasn’t an embarrassing situation. They actually meant to fall on their faces. Why? The people around them were getting angry at them as leaders and were angry with the Lord. If it were me I would have put my meanest, most ugliest face on and would have let ‘em have it! Oh, they would have gotten a good piece of my mind! But not Moses and Aaron – they handled the situation in the right way – they prayed. How often do we react to people’s carnality by getting in the ring with them and going a few rounds until someone gets hurt. Afterwards we feel miserable. We’re not in the Spirit and we ended up being a very poor example of Christ. Our initial reaction to the situation proves that we haven’t grown in the Lord.

The Lord speaks of certain people as “stiff necked”. But here in Numbers we see Moses and Aaron as those who bowed the head. They could have yelled at somebody, but they chose to humble themselves before God and allow God to intervene. In certain situations when the flesh wants to get ugly it’s important to not REACT in the flesh, but to RESPOND to the promptings of the Lord by humbling ourselves and bowing down our egos, and to give it to the Lord in prayer. Instead of falling on our face in defeat let’s intentionally “fall on our faces” like Moses and Aaron here that we might see a great personal victory, as well as the preservation of relationships that God has placed within our lives.

“Jesus, this is where the rubber meets the road. Personalities, egos, carnality… it all stinks before You, but You have a right way to handle every situation. Enable You servant today to live in such a way that demonstrates the grace and forgiveness that You have even showed unto me. Holy Spirit I ask you to fill me afresh this morning that I might walk in the Spirit today. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.”


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