If The Grass Was Greener…

If The Grass Was Greener
by Robb Gorringe

If the grass was greener on the other side, the Lord would have said
For indulgence in this world only brings about death
The price that He paid has really yet to be told
But it is like a fragrance that only a lover would know

Who today could find a lily by a thorn?
Yet He makes His home in the hearts that are torn
He pours out His treasure-love on the cold, forsaken heart
Because He knows that when you taste of it you will never depart

You can find Me in the mud or you can find Me on a hill
But the deeper that you go, I go higher yet still
To pull you up out of the mire and the sin
To show you your heart and My hands that they’re in

Lord, the shackles of my past are no longer on my feet?
You mean there’s a ring for finger and a Thanksgiving feast?
I give you my life as tears of joy cascade down
I got lost in my wandering, but now I’m on solid ground


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